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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 2025

101251. The instrument used to detect the presence and direction of flow of current is called?

Answer: galvanometer

101252. The property by which a conductor opposes the flow of electric current through it, is known as?

Answer: resistance

101253. Electric current is the flow of?

Answer: electrons

101254. The colour of earth wire is generally?

Answer: green

101255. The filament of an electric bulb is made up of tungsten because it possess?

Answer: high melting point and resistance

101256. Fuse wire is made up of?

Answer: Tin and Lead (solder)

101257. When large current passes through the fuse wire, it melts away. Why?

Answer: Due to the low melting point of tin - lead alloy

101258. A device used instead of fuse?

Answer: MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker - It works on the Principle of magnetic effect of electric current)

101259. What is the unit of intensity of Magnetic field?

Answer: Tesla

101260. Rubber, plastic, paper, glass, mica etc. are electrical ...........?

Answer: insulators

101261. Power of an ordinary torch cell is?

Answer: 1.5 volt

101262. Magnetic effect of electric current was discovered by?

Answer: Oersted

101263. The law of electromagnetic induction have been used in the construction of a?

Answer: generator

101264. Which instrument is used to measure magnetic field?

Answer: Fluxmeter

101265. The device used for converting current from a lower voltage to a higher voltage is known as?

Answer: transformer

101266. What is electronics?

Answer: Study of behaviour of electrons; their control & use

101267. A material which allows only a feeble current to pass through it are called?

Answer: Semiconductors

101268. The process of adding certain impurities in the crystal structure of a semiconductor so as to improve its conductivity is called?

Answer: Doping

101269. The process of allowing electric current to flow in one direction only is?

Answer: Rectification

101270. What is Detection?

Answer: The process of extracting audio signals from the high frequency carrier waves is detection

101271. Which device converts alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC)?

Answer: Rectifier

101272. Which device convert DC to AC?

Answer: Electric oscillator

101273. ‘IC’ chip for computers are usually made of?

Answer: silicon

101274. The common constituent of transistor is?

Answer: germanium

101275. What is a sound?

Answer: Sound is a form of energy which produces the sensation of hearing

101276. Sound waves are?

Answer: longitudinal waves

101277. The Unit of loudness is?

Answer: Decibel

101278. The unit of intensity of light?

Answer: Lambert

101279. Sounds with frequencies lower than the lowest limit of human hearing are called?

Answer: infrasonic waves

101280. Sounds with frequency higher than 20,000 Hz are known as?

Answer: ultrasonic waves

101281. The audible frequency of human ear?

Answer: Between 20 hertz & 20;000 hertz

101282. Sounds are distinguished from each other by?

Answer: pitch (frequency) loudness (intensity) and quality

101283. Which waves are used in mobile phone?

Answer: Micro waves

101284. How is the sound produced?

Answer: By the vibration of material body

101285. What is frequency of sound?

Answer: The number of vibrations made by a body in one second is called its frequency

101286. Bat can fly at night because it produces?

Answer: Ultrasonic sound

101287. The distance travelled by a wave during the time a particle of the medium makes one vibrationis called?

Answer: Wave length

101288. The distance travelled by a wave in one second?

Answer: Velocity of the wave

101289. What are sound waves?

Answer: Longitudinal waves

101290. A wave motion in which the particles of the medium vibrate parallel to the direction of propagation of wave is?

Answer: Longitudinal

101291. The reflected sound is called?

Answer: Echo

101292. The apparatus used for measuring the depth of the sea on the basis of echo is called?

Answer: sonar

101293. How is the sound produced when we speak?

Answer: By the vibration of vocal cords

101294. Which sound is produced by Galton whistle?

Answer: Ultrasonic

101295. When a harmonium is played, how is the sound produced?

Answer: By the vibration of the reeds

101296. What is required for the propagation of sound?

Answer: Medium

101297. When the frequency of the sound wave is increased, what happens to its wave length?

Answer: Decreased

101298. Which unit is used to measure the frequency of sound?

Answer: Hertz

101299. Normal level of sound is?

Answer: 60-120 dB

101300. The maximum displacement of the particles of the medium from their equilibrium position?

Answer: Amplitude
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