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101201. കോമൺവെൽത്ത് ദിനം എന്ന് ? [Komanveltthu dinam ennu ?]

Answer: മേയ് 24 [Meyu 24]

101202. നെഹ്രുവിന്റെ ചരമ ദിനം എന്ന് ? [Nehruvinte charama dinam ennu ?]

Answer: മേയ് 27 [Meyu 27]

101203. എവറസ്റ്റ് ദിനം എന്ന് ? [Evarasttu dinam ennu ?]

Answer: മേയ് 29 [Meyu 29]

101204. ലോക പുകയിലവിരുദ്ധദിനം എന്ന് ? [Loka pukayilaviruddhadinam ennu ?]

Answer: മേയ് 31 [Meyu 31]

101205. ഡോക്ടടേഴ്സ് ദിനം എന്ന് ? [Dokdadezhsu dinam ennu ?]

Answer: ജൂലൈ 1 [Jooly 1]

101206. ലോകആർക്കിടെക്ചറൽ ദിനം എന്ന് ? [Lokaaarkkidekcharal dinam ennu ?]

Answer: ജൂലൈ 1 [Jooly 1]

101207. പെരുമൺ ദുരന്ത ദിനം എന്ന് ? [Peruman durantha dinam ennu ?]

Answer: ജൂലൈ 8 [Jooly 8]

101208. ലോകജനസംഖ്യാ ദിനം എന്ന് ? [Lokajanasamkhyaa dinam ennu ?]

Answer: ജൂലൈ 11 [Jooly 11]

101209. ദേശീയ സ്കൂൾ സുരക്ഷാ ദിനം എന്ന് ? [Desheeya skool surakshaa dinam ennu ?]

Answer: ജൂലൈ 16 [Jooly 16]

101210. കാർഗിൽ വിജയദിനം എന്ന് ? [Kaargil vijayadinam ennu ?]

Answer: ജൂലൈ 26 [Jooly 26]

101211. The lens in the human eye?

Answer: convex

101212. Flow of electrically charged particles is?

Answer: Electric current

101213. Charge flowing in one seond?

Answer: Intensity of electric current

101214. Any substance which can offer resistance to the flow of electrons is called a?

Answer: Resistor

101215. Name the instrument that converts electrical signals into sound signals?

Answer: Loud Speaker

101216. Which instrument is used to change the direction of the flow of current?

Answer: Commutator

101217. What is the voltage in house supplyline?

Answer: 230 volts (AC)

101218. Which is the principal element used in the production of solar cell?

Answer: Silicon

101219. Which instrument converts electrical energy into light energy?

Answer: Electric lamp

101220. Which instrument converts electrical energy into mechanical energy?

Answer: Electric motor

101221. What is the unit used to measure electro motive force?

Answer: Volt

101222. Which is the commercial unit of electric power?

Answer: k.w.h

101223. Which instrument converts sound into electricity?

Answer: Microphone

101224. Which battery is used in vehicles?

Answer: Storage battery

101225. Tangent galvanometer measures?

Answer: Current

101226. The best instrument for the accurate measurement of the EMF of a cell is?

Answer: Potentiometer

101227. ഇന്ത്യൻ ഫിലറ്റിക്‌ മ്യൂസിയം ? [Inthyan philattiku myoosiyam ?]

Answer: ന്യൂഡൽഹി [Nyoodalhi]

101228. The resistance of an ideal volt meter is?

Answer: Infinite

101229. Short circuit means?

Answer: Direct flow of current between points of the same potentials

101230. Best conductor of electricity is?

Answer: Silver

101231. The principle on which a quartz crystal in a watch works?

Answer: Piezoelectricity

101232. The thickness of certain ceramics changes when a voltage is applied across them this property is called?

Answer: Piezoelectricity

101233. A small piece of wire made from an alloy of lead and tin is used to avoid overloading is?

Answer: Fuse

101234. Nichrome is used in the manufacture of heating elements due to its?

Answer: High resistance

101235. Device which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy?

Answer: Dynamo; It works on the principle of electro magnetic induction

101236. Diode valves can be used as?

Answer: A rectifier

101237. A device which can store considerable amount of charge is called?

Answer: Condenser or capacitor

101238. The battery used in mobile phone?

Answer: Lithium ion battery

101239. Which cell is used in watch?

Answer: Button cell (mercury cell)

101240. Which is the weakest kind of bonding in solids?

Answer: Vander Waal’s

101241. In good conductors of electricity, which type of bonding exists?

Answer: Metallic

101242. The conductivity of a intrinsic semi conductor at absolute zero is?

Answer: Zero

101243. A transformer is used?

Answer: increase or decrease A.C. voltage

101244. Any material that allows the passage of electricity and heat is called?

Answer: Conductor

101245. In artificial satellites, electric current is supplied by?

Answer: Solar cells

101246. When a tape recorder operates?

Answer: Magnetic energy is converted into sound energy

101247. Energy stored in the dry cells is?

Answer: Electrical

101248. Father of electricity?

Answer: Michael Faraday

101249. Potential difference in an electric circuit is measured by?

Answer: voltmeter

101250. The current in an electrical circuit is measured by?

Answer: ammeter
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