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102151. Which scientific method is used for the production/extraction of Sodium carbonate?

Answer: Solvay process

102152. Which scientific method is used for the production/extraction of Sulphur?

Answer: Frasch process

102153. Which scientific method is used for the production/extraction of Aluminium?

Answer: Hall Heroult process

102154. Which scientific method is used for the production/extraction of Halogens?

Answer: Messenger method

102155. Which scientific method is used for the production/extraction of Nitrogen?

Answer: Dumas process

102156. The most abundant element in the atmosphere?

Answer: Nitrogen

102157. Percent of Nitrogen presence in atmosphere?

Answer: 78%

102158. Main content of protein?

Answer: Nitrogen

102159. Which gas controls burning?

Answer: Nitrogen

102160. The acid content of acid rain is?

Answer: Nitrous Oxide

102161. The compound used as anesthetic?

Answer: Nitrogen compound

102162. Largest single constituent of earth's atmosphere?

Answer: Nitrogen compound

102163. Gas known as laughing gas?

Answer: Nitrous Oxide

102164. Gas formed during lightning?

Answer: Nitrogen dioxide

102165. TNT - Tri Nitro Toluene is known as?

Answer: Trotyl

102166. RDX- Research Department Explosive is known as?

Answer: Cyclonite

102167. The nitrogen compound used as indelible ink (Voters' ink)?

Answer: Silver Nitrate

102168. Oxygen was experimentally prepared by?

Answer: Karl Scheele

102169. Oxygen was discovered by?

Answer: Joseph Priestly

102170. Element nature of oxygen was established by?

Answer: Lavoisier

102171. Burning is helped by which gas?

Answer: Oxygen

102172. What is the colour of oxygen?

Answer: colourless

102173. What is the taste of oxygen?

Answer: tasteless

102174. What is the odour of oxygen?

Answer: odourless

102175. The colour of liquid oxygen is?

Answer: Light blue colour

102176. Nature of oxygen?

Answer: Paramagnetic

102177. Most abundant element in earth crust?

Answer: Oxygen

102178. Number of atoms in?

Answer: Oxygen molecule - 2; Ozone - 3

102179. Ozone layer is found in?

Answer: Stratosphere

102180. The depletion of ozone layer is caused by?

Answer: Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC)

102181. Industrial name of CFC?

Answer: Freon

102182. Sodium is kept in?

Answer: Kerosene

102183. Sodium was discovered by?

Answer: Humphry Davy

102184. The element which regulates blood pressure in human beings?

Answer: Sodium

102185. Cell used to manufacture sodium hydroxide (NaOH)?

Answer: Castner Kellner Cell

102186. Compound used as air purifier cell in submarines?

Answer: Sodium peroxide

102187. ജില്ലയുടെ പേര് സ്ഥലപ്പേരല്ലാത് ത കേരളത്തിലെ ജില്ല : [Jillayude peru sthalapperallaathu tha keralatthile jilla :]

Answer: വയനാട് [Vayanaadu]

102188. Compound which is used as a fixer in photographic film?

Answer: Sodium Thio sulphate or Thio

102189. The compound used in blood bank?

Answer: Sodium citrate

102190. The sodium compound used as coolant in atomic reactors?

Answer: Liquid sodium

102191. ധര്മടം ദ്വീപ് ഏത് പുഴയില് സ്ഥിതിചെയ്യുന്നു ? [Dharmadam dveepu ethu puzhayilu sthithicheyyunnu ?]

Answer: അഞ്ചരക്കണ്ടിപ്പുഴയില് [Ancharakkandippuzhayilu]

102192. Sodium and Potassium are known as?

Answer: Soft metals

102193. They are highly reactive with?

Answer: Water

102194. Sodium and Potassium are kept in?

Answer: Kerosene

102195. Element known as 'chemical sun' is?

Answer: Magnesium

102196. The metal present in chloroplast of plants?

Answer: Magnesium

102197. The Magnesium compound used for dental filling?

Answer: Sorel cement

102198. Magnesium Hydroxide; acts as an antacid is popularly known as?

Answer: Milk of Magnesia

102199. The most abundant metal in the earth's crust?

Answer: Aluminium

102200. Which is the main ore of Aluminium is?

Answer: Bauxite
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