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102251. The compound of potassium used for purifying water?

Answer: Potassium Permanganate

102252. കേരളത്തിലെ ഏറ്റവും ഉയരം കൂടിയ കൊടുമുടിയായ ആനമുടി ഏത് പഞ്ചായത്തിലാണ് സ്ഥിതിചെയ്യുന്നത് ? [Keralatthile ettavum uyaram koodiya kodumudiyaaya aanamudi ethu panchaayatthilaanu sthithicheyyunnathu ?]

Answer: മൂന്നാര് [Moonnaaru]

102253. The ores of potassium are?

Answer: Carnalite & Salt Petre

102254. Metal related to the disease arthritis?

Answer: Potassium

102255. First metal separated by electrolysis?

Answer: Potassium

102256. Chemical used for organic farming; neutralizing acidic soil?

Answer: Potassium Bicarbonate

102257. The most abundant metal in human body is?

Answer: Calcium

102258. The compound of calcium used to make bandage & statues is?

Answer: Plaster of Paris

102259. Composition of coral reefs is caused by?

Answer: Calcium carbonate

102260. The compound used in tooth paste as polishing agent?

Answer: Calcium carbonate

102261. The most abundant chemical substance in cement?

Answer: Calcium oxide

102262. Compound which is regulating the setting time of cement?

Answer: Gypsum

102263. The product obtained after heating. the gypsum at 125°C?

Answer: Plaster of Paris

102264. Compound which is used in the process of manufacturing cement?

Answer: Limestone

102265. The product obtained when lime stone is heated?

Answer: Quicklime and Carbondioxide

102266. When quick lime is mixed with Carbon dioxide it turns into?

Answer: Milky colour

102267. The compound used for producing lime mixture?

Answer: Calcium Compound

102268. The chemical name of Chalk?

Answer: Calcium Carbonate

102269. The whitest element compound known is?

Answer: Titanium

102270. Titanium was discovered by?

Answer: William Gregor

102271. White paints are made using the oxides of?

Answer: Titanium

102272. The metal known as "Metal of future"?

Answer: Titanium

102273. The metal known as 'wonder metal'?

Answer: Titanium

102274. The most abundant metal present on the surface of moon?

Answer: Titanium

102275. Titanium is separated from?

Answer: Ilmenite

102276. The scientist who isolated chromium for the first time was?

Answer: Louis Nicolas Vauquelin

102277. The element shows antiferromagnetic property?

Answer: Chromium

102278. Manganeese was discovered by?

Answer: Carl Sheele

102279. Manganese was Isolated for the first time by?

Answer: Johan Gottlieb Gahn

102280. The fifth most abundant metal in Earth's crust?

Answer: Manganese

102281. Latin name of Iron?

Answer: Ferrum

102282. Boiling point of Iron?

Answer: 3134K

102283. Melting point of Iron?

Answer: 1811K

102284. Element present in haemoglobin?

Answer: Iron

102285. Least pure form of Iron?

Answer: Cast Iron

102286. Industrial production of steel?

Answer: Bessemer process

102287. Iron coated with Zinc is called?

Answer: Galvanized Iron

102288. Iron coated with Tin is called?

Answer: Tin Plating

102289. When Iron rusts; its weight?

Answer: Increases

102290. The reason for the brown colour of soil and rock is the presence of?

Answer: Iron Oxide

102291. The element present in Vitamin B12?

Answer: Cobalt

102292. The scientist discovered Cobalt?

Answer: George Brandt

102293. The micronutrient for bacteria; algae and fungi?

Answer: Cobalt

102294. The isotope of Cobalt used for the treatment of cancer?

Answer: Cobalt 60

102295. പയ്യോളി എക്സ് പ്രസ്എന്നറിയപ്പെടുന്നതാര് ? [Payyoli eksu prasennariyappedunnathaaru ?]

Answer: പി ടി ഉഷ [Pi di usha]

102296. The substance used in glass to get blue colour?

Answer: Cobalt salt

102297. First metal used by man?

Answer: Copper

102298. Latin name of Copper?

Answer: Cuprum

102299. The ores of Copper?

Answer: Malachite & Chalcolite

102300. The metal prominently found in Panchatoha?

Answer: Copper
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