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102301. The chemical name of Blue Vitriol?

Answer: Copper sulphate

102302. Impure Zinc is known as?

Answer: Spelter

102303. The element used in galvanization and in dry cells?

Answer: Zinc

102304. The element used in the manufacturing of perfumes?

Answer: Zinc

102305. The element present in insulin and tear drop?

Answer: Zinc

102306. The compound known as 'White Vitriol'?

Answer: Zinc Sulphate

102307. The elements extracted through the process of distillation?

Answer: Zinc and Mercury

102308. The word halogen means?

Answer: Salt former

102309. Halogens are?

Answer: Fluorine (F) Chlorine (CI)Bromine (Br) Iodine (I) Astatine (At)

102310. Which is a Synthetic Halogen -?

Answer: Astatine

102311. Which is a Pseudo Halogen -?

Answer: Cyanogen

102312. Which is a Solid Halogen -?

Answer: Iodine

102313. Which is a Super Halogen?

Answer: Fluorine

102314. The lightest known halogen is?

Answer: Fluorine

102315. The least metallic in nature is?

Answer: Fluorine

102316. The element having highest reactivity or electro-negativity?

Answer: Fluorine

102317. The most abundant halogen present in earth's crust?

Answer: Fluorine (0.08%)

102318. The disease caused by the deficiency of fluorine?

Answer: Fluorosis

102319. The most abundant halide in earth's crust by weight?

Answer: Fluoride

102320. The compound known as fluorspar?

Answer: Calcium Fluoride

102321. The scientist who discovered and isolated the chlorine gas?

Answer: carl scheele

102322. The scientist who recognized chlorine as an element?

Answer: Humphry Davy

102323. The second element having highest reactivity?

Answer: Chlorine

102324. The colour of Chlorine gas?

Answer: Pale yellow green

102325. The organic compound which contains chlorine?

Answer: DDT; BHC; Chloroform; Freon

102326. Chloroform was discovered by?

Answer: James Young Simpson

102327. The poisonous substance produced when the chlorine is exposed?

Answer: Phosgene

102328. The gas which was used as chemical weapon in the First World War?

Answer: Phosgene

102329. The element used to purify the water in swimming pool?

Answer: Chlorine

102330. The element used as an oxidising agent?

Answer: Chlorine

102331. The element used as a bleaching agent?

Answer: Chlorine

102332. The most abundant element present in sea water?

Answer: Chlorine

102333. The remedy gas which is used against the chlorine poisoning?

Answer: Ammonia

102334. The chlorine compound present in tear gas?

Answer: Benzyl Chloride

102335. The compound of chlorine used in the plastics?

Answer: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

102336. The solvent used as an anesthetic?

Answer: Chloroform

102337. The compound used as an antiseptic?

Answer: Sodium Hypochlorite

102338. The non metal present in liquid form in room temperature?

Answer: Bromine

102339. The bromine compound used in photographic films?

Answer: Silver Bromide

102340. Third lightest halogen?

Answer: Bromine

102341. Commonly used halogen is?

Answer: Iodine

102342. The element known as solid halogen?

Answer: Iodine

102343. The non-metal having highest density?

Answer: Iodine

102344. The most commonly used 'halogen available as tablet?

Answer: Iodine

102345. Iodine test is used to detect?

Answer: Carbohydrate

102346. The colour of carbohydrate in iodine?

Answer: Dark Blue

102347. The element that sublimes (solid into vapour) on heating?

Answer: Iodine

102348. The substance contains in the capsule which is given to the people in the nuclear disaster affected area?

Answer: Potassium Iodide

102349. The substances used for artificial raining?

Answer: Silver Iodide andDry ice

102350. The rarest element on earth?

Answer: Astatine
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