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102451. The temperature for the Haber process is 500° C Catalyst used in Haber process?

Answer: Iron

102452. The only gas which shows alkaline in nature?

Answer: Ammonia

102453. The substance which is used as coolant in Ice plants?

Answer: Ammonia

102454. The only gas having alkaline characteristics?

Answer: Ammonia

102455. The remedial gas used against the poisoning of chlorine?

Answer: Ammonia

102456. Acid which IS used to detect Ammonia?

Answer: Nessler's Reagent

102457. Artificial volcanoes are made using?

Answer: Ammonium Dichromate

102458. The substance used in the production of nylon; rayon; explosives; fertilizers and dyes?

Answer: Ammonia

102459. the substance known as liquor ammonia?

Answer: Ammonium Hydroxide

102460. The substance known as smelling salt?

Answer: Ammonium carbonate

102461. The plant which absorbs ammonia directly from the atmosphere?

Answer: Paddy

102462. The chemical substance used to dehydrate Amonia gas?

Answer: Calcium oxide

102463. The compounds of Ammonia?

Answer: Nitrogen and Hydrogen

102464. Acids are substances which produce?

Answer: Hydronium ion (Hp+)

102465. The element present in all acids?

Answer: Hydrogen

102466. The acids without any oxygen is called?

Answer: Hydracid; Hydrochloric acid

102467. The acid known as oil of Vitriol?

Answer: Sulphuric Acid

102468. The acid known as king of chemicals?

Answer: Sulphuric Acid

102469. Sulphuric acid is produced by?

Answer: Contact process

102470. The acid used in lead storage battery?

Answer: Sulphuric Acid

102471. The acid used for the making of dynamite and car battery?

Answer: Sulphuric Acid

102472. The acid pours on earth when acid rain occurs?

Answer: Sulphuric Acid

102473. The acid which is highly powerful than Sulphuric acid?

Answer: Super Acid

102474. The planet having the clouds of Sulphuric acid?

Answer: Venus

102475. The catalyst used for the production of Sulphuric acid?

Answer: Vanadium Pentoxide

102476. The acids produced from plants?

Answer: Organic Acid

102477. The taste of acids is?

Answer: Sour

102478. Acid turns blue litmus paper to?

Answer: Red

102479. The gas produced when acids are active on metals?

Answer: Hydrogen

102480. The gas produced when acids are active with Carbonates?

Answer: Carbon dioxide

102481. Earliest known acid is?

Answer: Acetic acid (Ethenoic acid)

102482. Other name of formic acid?

Answer: Methenoic acid

102483. Which is used for the purification of gold?

Answer: Nitric acid (Spirit of Nitre)

102484. The chemical process for producing nitric acid?

Answer: Ostwald process

102485. The acid known as aquafortis?

Answer: Nitric Acid

102486. The acid used as oxidizer in rocket propellants?

Answer: Nitric Acid

102487. Oxides and hydroxides of metals are known as?

Answer: Bases

102488. Bases turns red litmus paper into?

Answer: Blue

102489. The colour of phenolphthalein in base?

Answer: Pink

102490. The colour of phenolphthalein in acid?

Answer: No colour

102491. The activity of acid and base is known as?

Answer: Neutralization

102492. Which acid is used in Soap manufacturing?

Answer: Sodium hydroxide

102493. Which acid is used in Bleaching powder manufacturing?

Answer: Calcium hydroxide

102494. Which acid is used as antacid?

Answer: Magnesium hydroxide

102495. Which acid is used to remove stains from clothes?

Answer: Ammonium hydroxide

102496. Ionic compounds containing cations (+ve ion) and anions (-ve ion) are?

Answer: Salt

102497. The process of mixing up of salt and water resulting to form an acidic or alkaline solution known as?

Answer: Hydrolysis

102498. Property of salt to absorb atmospheric salt?

Answer: Hygroscopic

102499. Which salt is used as Flavouring agent?

Answer: Sodium chloride

102500. Which salt is used as Food preservative?

Answer: Sodium benzoate
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