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115201. The preparation of organic food by reducing CO2 takes place in which phase?

Answer: Dark Phase

115202. The most abundant plant pigment in the world?

Answer: Chlorophyll a

115203. Minimum rate of photosynthesis is found in which colour?

Answer: Green

115204. The process of break down of food materials within the cell to release energy is known as?

Answer: Cellular respiration

115205. The organic food that are oxidised during cellular respiration are known as?

Answer: respiratory substrates

115206. The energy released during respiration is used for the synthesis of ........?

Answer: ATP

115207. The rate of respiration is measured by?

Answer: respirometer

115208. Glycolysis takes place in which part of the cell?

Answer: Cytoplasm

115209. Kreb’s cycle occurs in?

Answer: Mitochondria

115210. Name the important plant hormones?

Answer: Auxins; Gibberellins; Cytokinins; Abscisic acid & Ethylene

115211. Which plant hormones are known as growth promoters?

Answer: Auxin; Gibberellin; Cytokinin

115212. Which plant hormones are known as growth inhibitors?

Answer: Abscisic acid and Ethylene

115213. The only gaseous plant hormone which promotes fruit growth and ripening is?

Answer: Ethylene

115214. In plants the adverse enviornmental conditions are overcome with the help of which hormone?

Answer: Abscisic acid

115215. The plant hormone abscisic acid is also known as ......?

Answer: Stress hormone

115216. Which plant hormone is known as the ripening hormone?

Answer: Ethylene

115217. Which hormone is responsible for flowering in plants?

Answer: Florigen

115218. The activity of which hormone help to cover wounded or injured portions of a plant?

Answer: Traumatic acid

115219. Synthetic growth regulators are commonly known as?

Answer: Morphactins

115220. The synthetic auxin which is used as a herbicide?

Answer: -2.4 - Dichloro Phenoxy Acetic Acid (2; 4-D)

115221. The hormone present in coconut milk is?

Answer: cytokinin

115222. Seed dormancy is due to?

Answer: Abscisic acid

115223. Plant movement in response to chemical stimulus is called?

Answer: Chemotropism

115224. The bending of stem towards light is due to?

Answer: Phototropism

115225. The movement of plant organs in response to the force of gravity is called?

Answer: Geotropism

115226. Haptotropism means the movement of a plant organ induced by contact with a ......?

Answer: Foreign body

115227. Growth movements in response to the stimulus of contact are called?

Answer: Thigmotropism

115228. Growth movements in response to the stimulus of heat or cold is called?

Answer: thermotropism

115229. Plant movement due to the alternation of day and night are called?

Answer: nyctinastic movement

115230. Seismonastic movements are in response to ........?

Answer: touch or shock stimulus PLANT HORMONES 1) Flowering hormone - Florigen 2) Ripening hormone - Ethylene 3) Wound hormone - Traumatic acid 4) Stress hormone - Abscissic acid

115231. Name the plant which produce ozone at the time of photosynthesis?

Answer: Thulsi

115232. Name the plant that show seismonastic movement?

Answer: Touch me not plant (Mimosa plant)

115233. The transfer of pollen grains from the anther to the stigma is called?

Answer: pollination

115234. What is hydrophily?

Answer: Pollination by water

115235. Pollination by bat is called?

Answer: Chiropterophily

115236. Pollination between two flowers of one plant is called ......?

Answer: gytanogamy

115237. Pollination by insects is called ........?

Answer: Entomophily

115238. What is zoophily?

Answer: Pollination by animals

115239. Pollination by birds?

Answer: Orinithophily

115240. The chief pollinators of agrihorticulture crops?

Answer: bees

115241. Seed dispersal in coconut occurs through ........?

Answer: water

115242. In muringa; seed dispersal takes place through .......?

Answer: wind

115243. Why are night blooming flowers white in colour?

Answer: To become discernible to pollinators

115244. What is Anemophily?

Answer: It is the pollination by wind ALGAE AND FUNGI

115245. The multicellular fungi is?

Answer: Pencillium

115246. Name two antibiotic drugs obtained from actinomycetes?

Answer: Streptomycin and erythromycin

115247. What is hyphae?

Answer: The individual mycelium filaments is hyphae

115248. The land plant without chlorophyll?

Answer: Mushroom

115249. Phaeophyta is?

Answer: Brown Algae

115250. The brownish colour of Brown Algae is due to presence of ...... pigment?

Answer: Xanthophyll
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