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115251. Which fungi is a good source of the B- group Vitamins?

Answer: Yeast

115252. Which is the floating brown algae that covers thousands of hectares of sea in Atlantic ocean?

Answer: Sargassum

115253. Flagellate cells are absent in which algae?

Answer: Red algae

115254. Where does protonema stage occur?

Answer: Mosses

115255. Which large; unicellular green algae is commonly called umbrella plant?

Answer: Acetabularia

115256. Which green algae is parasitic on tea plant?

Answer: Cephaleuros

115257. Which sea lettuce is an edible green algae?

Answer: Ulva

115258. Write the scientific name of an algae with ribbon shaped chloroplasts:?

Answer: Spirogyra

115259. What are the well known fungi?

Answer: Mushrooms

115260. How is stem bleeding of sugarcane caused?

Answer: fungi

115261. What is the common black or bread mould?

Answer: Rhizopus

115262. Which fungi are highly poisonous?

Answer: Amanita

115263. Which plant act as pollution indicator?

Answer: Lichens

115264. Fungal Diseases are?

Answer: Ringworm; Tinea; Athelete’s foot; Madura foot; Dhobie itch

115265. Viral Diseasesare?

Answer: AIDS; Influensa; Jaundice; Chicken pox; Smallpox; Measles; Mumps; Rabies

115266. Protozoan diseases are?

Answer: Malaria; sleeping sickness; amoebiasis.

115267. The alkaloid present in Tea?

Answer: Theine

115268. What is the importance of Serpentine?

Answer: It is used to treat hypertension

115269. What is the chief food factor contained in cereals?

Answer: Starch

115270. What is Margarine?

Answer: Vegetable butter

115271. What are the seeds of pulses rich in?

Answer: Protein

115272. Which is the cashew centre of Kerala?

Answer: Kollam

115273. Write an example for unsaturated oil:?

Answer: Groundnut oil

115274. From where Vincistin; a wonder drug used to treat blood cancer is extracted?

Answer: Vinca Rosea

115275. From where is Butyl obtained; for the treatment of AIDS?

Answer: Black mulberry

115276. Which are the high yielding varieties of wheat?

Answer: Kalyan Sona; Girija and Sonalika

115277. Name two vegetable oils which are used as medicine:?

Answer: Caster oil; Mustard oil

115278. What is the richest source in Rice?

Answer: Carbohydrate

115279. Which is the ester that gives pineapple its pleasant smell?

Answer: Ethyne Butyrate

115280. From where is clove oil obtained?

Answer: Clove oil is obtained from the flower buds of Syzygium aromaticum

115281. From which plant asafoetida is prepared?

Answer: Ferula foetida

115282. Which is the term used for describing the manifold increase in India's farm production and productivity?

Answer: Green Revolution

115283. Which is the harmful substance present in the tobacco?

Answer: Nicotine

115284. Which acid is contained in vegetable oils?

Answer: Stearic acid

115285. Which is the symbol of quality in agricultural products?

Answer: Agmark

115286. Cotton fibre is obtained from which part of the plant?

Answer: Fruit

115287. Which food crop has the maximum content of proteins?

Answer: Soyabean

115288. What is the type of cultivation practised on mountains and hills?

Answer: Terrace cultivation ANIMAL KINGDOM

115289. Which living animal has the longest life span?

Answer: Tortoise

115290. What is a flying fox?

Answer: bat

115291. Which is the largest marsupical?

Answer: Red Kangaroo

115292. What is a viviparous animal?

Answer: A viviparous animal is one that gives birth to young ones

115293. What is Murrah?

Answer: It is a hybrid buffalo which is a high milk producer

115294. Which is the tallest living animal?

Answer: Giraffe

115295. Which is the biggest land animal?

Answer: African bush elephant

115296. What is Pangolin?

Answer: It is a mammal which does not have teeth

115297. Which is the animal that never drinks water?

Answer: Kangaroo rat

115298. What is Herbivorous?

Answer: Herbivorus is the term used to describe plant eating animals

115299. Which are the mammal that lay eggs?

Answer: Spiny anteaters and the duck - billed platypus

115300. Which is the animal that has a tongue longer than its body?

Answer: Chameleon
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