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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 2306

115301. The aquatic animal with the most developed intelligence?

Answer: Dolphin

115302. Who is considered to be the father of Green Revolution?

Answer: Dr.Norman E. Borlaug

115303. Animals having four feet are called?

Answer: Quadruped

115304. An animal which eats human flesh?

Answer: Feline

115305. Flesh eating animals are called what?

Answer: Carnivores

115306. Name the South American animal which is camel - like but short statured:?

Answer: Llama

115307. How long does a Dolphin sleep?

Answer: From 30 seconds to 5 minutes

115308. Dog lies down to sleep only after observing the surrounding. Why?

Answer: The dog lies against the direction of the wind so as to detect the approach of the enemy.

115309. Which is the world's heaviest snake?

Answer: The South American Anaconda

115310. Which; animal produces the biggest baby?

Answer: Blue whale

115311. Which animal has the largest known eye in the animal kingdom?

Answer: Gaint squid

115312. Give two example of unicellular organisms:?

Answer: Amoeba; Paramoecium

115313. What are animals belonging to Phylum Annelida commonly known?

Answer: Segmented worms

115314. Animal having the thickest skin?

Answer: The whale shark

115315. What is the ultimate source of energy for a biosphere?

Answer: Solar Energy

115316. This small animal has a suicidal tendency; often thousands of them commit mass suicide. Which is the animal?

Answer: The lemming

115317. What is the difference between a hare and a rabbit?

Answer: Hares have longer hind legs and longer ears than rabbits

115318. How many toes does a camel have on each foot?

Answer: Two toes in each foot

115319. Which is the largest of apes?

Answer: The mountain gorilla of West Africa

115320. Which animals are called odd - toed ungulates?

Answer: Horses; asses and zebras

115321. The animals living on the sea floor are called?

Answer: Benthic

115322. The animals that swim about in sea are called?

Answer: Pelagic

115323. What is the level of structural organisation in Hydra and Jelly fishes?

Answer: Tissue

115324. Which is the sedentary animal having a free swimming larva?

Answer: Sponge

115325. Which animal is with a nervous system but without a ganglionated brain?

Answer: Coelenterates

115326. Which animal is devoid of a skeleton?

Answer: Jelly fish

115327. Which animal best shows Regeneration?

Answer: Planaria

115328. What are the excretory structures of flat worms?

Answer: Flame cells

115329. What is the peculiarity of flat worms?

Answer: Hermaphrodite

115330. Round worms belong to which phylum?

Answer: Nemathelminthes

115331. Which is the parasitic roundworm that spread by mosquito?

Answer: Filaria worm

115332. Round worms are triploblastic. the body cavity of round worms are?

Answer: Pseudocoel

115333. What are pathogens?

Answer: Disease causing microbes

115334. Name the intestinal parasites that feed on blood and tissues?

Answer: Hook worm VERTEBRATES

115335. What are Vertebrates?

Answer: Animals which have backbone are called vertebrates

115336. What is the fat of whale called?

Answer: Blubber

115337. What are the cold-blooded vertebrates that live both on land and in water called?

Answer: Amphibian

115338. Which animal is the fastest on foot?

Answer: Cheetah

115339. Which is the only cat that cannot retract its claws?

Answer: Cheetah

115340. Name the amphibian which is commonly called as tiger salamander?

Answer: Ambystoma

115341. Name a reptile which can change the colour of its skin?

Answer: Chameleon

115342. What is the name of an extinct bird which shares the characters of both reptiles and aves?

Answer: Archaeopteryx

115343. What is the zoological name of Tiger?

Answer: Panthera tigris

115344. Which reptiles are called "limbless lizard"?

Answer: Snakes

115345. What is the hybrid you obtain when a cross takes place between female donkey and a male horse?

Answer: Hinny

115346. Which animal is called "ship of desert"?

Answer: Camel

115347. The name given to a camel with two humps?

Answer: A bactrian

115348. Name the fish which is called as sea-horse:?

Answer: Hippocampus

115349. What is the biological name of Indian Cobra?

Answer: Naja naja

115350. Which group of vertebrates has single circulation of blood?

Answer: Fish
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