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152051. Which human rights organization was founded by Rene Cassin ?

Answer: International Institute of Human Rights

152052. Which was the first country to introduce the system of Ombudsman ?

Answer: Sweden

152053. Name the Nobel Laureate in Literature whose famous novel is ‘The Bridge on the Drina’ ?

Answer: Ivo Andric

152054. Which countries are connected by the Karakoram Highway ?

Answer: China and Pakistan

152055. Which is the highest paved international road in the world ?

Answer: Karakoram Highway

152056. In which Indian city is the Qila Mubarak, the rate and outstanding example of Sikh palace Architecture is situated ?

Answer: Patiala

152057. Where is the headquarters of the World Monuments Fund (WMF) ?

Answer: New York

152058. Which Asian country’s national anthem is ‘Nokor Reach’ ?

Answer: Cambodia

152059. Kanchipuram is situated on the banks of the river _____ ?

Answer: Vegavathi

152060. In which town of Kerala is the ‘Logan’s Road’ situated ?

Answer: Thalassery

152061. Who was the author of the famous work of ‘Malabar Gazetteer’ ?

Answer: Charles Alexander Innes

152062. Who was the first female laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize ?

Answer: Bertha Von Suttner (1905)

152063. Criticism of other religion ______ hatred and violence among Indians ?

Answer: fan the flame of

152064. If he went there, ______ :

Answer: he would meet her

152065. Raghu is ______ boy in the class :

Answer: the tallest

152066. Have you _____ money on you ?

Answer: any

152067. The plural of the word ‘goose’ is :

Answer: geese

152068. Raju ______ in hospital for two weeks

Answer: has been lying

152069. Pick out the phrasal verb which means the word underlined :The officer promised to examine my ear without delay

Answer: look into

152070. A teenaged boy is informally called as :

Answer: lad

152071. She cried _______ for help when attacked by robbers.

Answer: frantically

152072. The rule laid down the boy-law are too rigid, to observe. We need more ______ ones.

Answer: flexible

152073. There _____ a new pair of scissors on the table.

Answer: is

152074. _______ Queen Victoria is a famous British Ship.

Answer: The

152075. A beautiful girl is always ______ of other girl’s beauty.

Answer: envious

152076. To be indifferent _______ our work is a serious offence.

Answer: to

152077. pick out the correct tag question :

Answer: You will come for the party, _______ ?

152078. won’t u

Answer: 16.Find out the one word for the words underlined :

152079. Bhagath Singh’s death for a noble cause is remembered by all Indians.

Answer: martyrdom

152080. The first web based e-mail service?

Answer: Hot mail

152081. What is full form of SMPS?

Answer: Switch Mode Power Supply

152082. What is the Google headquarters called?

Answer: Googleplex

152083. Who was the Founder of Bluetooth?

Answer: Ericson

152084. Who was the father of Internet?

Answer: Vint Cerf

152085. What is LINUX?

Answer: Operating System

152086. Which is most common language used in web designing?

Answer: HTML

152087. Access method is used for obtaining a record from a cassette tape is _____.

Answer: Sequential

152088. In Internet terminology IP me

Answer: Internet Protocol

152089. Robohornet is used to measure the speed of which online component?

Answer: Browser

152090. Which famous software suite was originally created by Star Office?

Answer: Open office

152091. What is the full form of T9?

Answer: Text on 9 Keys (developed by the Tegic Communications)

152092. The first page of a website is called the ____.

Answer: Home page

152093. A _____ is a computer attached to the internet that runs a special web server software and can send web pages out to the other computer over the internet.

Answer: Web sever

152094. Newton was an operating system for PDA"s from which company?

Answer: Apple

152095. Which application software is used for accessing sites or information on a network (as the World Wide Web)?

Answer: Web browser

152096. What is the full form of COBOL?

Answer: Common Business Oriented Language

152097. What is meant by "LASER"?

Answer: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

152098. .aq is a domain name is the domain name given to an entire continent. Which one?

Answer: Antarctica

152099. Identify the Indian search engine founded by 2 IITians from Delhi in 2006 which they called it as "Desi search engine.

Answer: Guruji.com

152100. Expand POP:

Answer: Post Office Protocol
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