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152251. How many Indian states are situated on the Tropic of Cancer?

Answer: 8

152252. The Lushai Hills are mainly situated in the Indian state of:

Answer: Mizoram

152253. Which important geographical line is passing through India?

Answer: Tropic of Cancer

152254. Honeymoon, Breakfast Islands are situated in _____?

Answer: Chilka Lake

152255. Tehri Dam is across the river _____?

Answer: Bhagirathi

152256. Which river is "the Sorrow of Bengal"?

Answer: Damodar

152257. Rann of Kutch is the part of which Indian state?

Answer: Gujarat

152258. In September, 2011, India leased the Tin Bigha Corridor to which neighbouring country?

Answer: Bangladesh

152259. Aksai Chin is part of the which Indian state?

Answer: Jammu &Kashmir

152260. India"s highest peak Mount K2 is situated in which mountain range?

Answer: Karakoram

152261. The Hindu Raj mountain range is situated in _____?

Answer: Pakistan

152262. In which state is the Garo-Khasi range situated?

Answer: Meghalaya

152263. The world"s wettest place Mawsynram is situated in which hills?

Answer: Khasi Hills

152264. In which Indian state is the places Cherrapunji and Mawsynram?

Answer: Meghalaya

152265. Which mountain range is believed to have been formed by the wastes created by the weathering of the Aravalli Mountains?

Answer: The Vindhya

152266. What is the name of the summer grass-lands in the higher reaches of Himalaya?

Answer: Bugyals

152267. Which ranges of the Himalayas are composed of ancient sedimentary & metamorphic rocks?

Answer: Lesser Himalayas (Himachal)

152268. The hill stations of Shimla, Mussourie, Nainital & Darjeeling belongs to which Himalayan range?

Answer: Lesser Himalayas

152269. Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga, . Nandadevi & Nanga Parbat peaks belongs to which Himalayan range?

Answer: Himadri or Greater Himalayas

152270. What is the name of the older alluvium sediments found in the Northern Plains?

Answer: Bhangar

152271. The young or newer alluvial sediments deposited on the flood plains are known as _____?

Answer: Khadar

152272. Which plateau is situated between the Western Ghat & Eastern Ghat?

Answer: The Deccan Plateau

152273. Which is the largest plateau in India?

Answer: The Deccan Plateau

152274. What is the shape of the vast Deccan Plateau?

Answer: Triangular

152275. What is the name of the water body that divide the Andaman & Nicobar island groups?

Answer: Ten degree Channel

152276. South and Little Andaman are separated by ____?

Answer: Duncan Passage

152277. Which group of islands are broadly divided by the Eleventh Degree Channel?

Answer: Lakshadweep

152278. In which river is India"s highest waterfall Jog situated?

Answer: Sharavati

152279. Which river is known as Tsangpo in Tibet?

Answer: Brahmaputra

152280. Which is India"s only active volcano situated in the Andaman?

Answer: Barren Island

152281. Where is the Ritchie"s Archipelago situated?

Answer: Eastern Andaman

152282. Which major island group of India is formed by the coral deposits?

Answer: Lakshadweep

152283. Which island groups are separated by the Ten Degree Channel?

Answer: Andaman & Nicobar

152284. Which strait separates the South Andaman & Little Andaman?

Answer: Duncan Passage

152285. Which important geographical line divides India into two equal halves?

Answer: The Tropic of Cancer

152286. What is the name of the hot westerly winds blow in the Northern Plains during summer?

Answer: Loo

152287. In 1686, which British scientist explained the mechanism of monsoon as a result of differential heating of the continents & oceans?

Answer: Sir Edmund Halley

152288. What is the rank of India by land area among the nations?

Answer: 7th

152289. India shares maritime border with which south eastern Asian nations?

Answer: Thailand & Indonesia

152290. India shares land border with _____ countries?

Answer: 7

152291. India shares maximum land border with ____?

Answer: Bangladesh

152292. Which Indian state shares international border with maximum countries?

Answer: Jammu & Kashmir

152293. Which Indian state shares border with maximum states?

Answer: Uttar Pradesh

152294. Which was the last formed state of India (29th)?

Answer: Telangana

152295. Which is the second largest state of India after Rajasthan?

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

152296. Which Indian state has the maximum coastline?

Answer: Gujarat

152297. What is the number of biodiversity hotspot in India?

Answer: 3

152298. The forests of Andaman Islands belong to the group _____?

Answer: Tropical Rainforest

152299. Name the lake situated in the capital of Jammu & Kashmir, Srinagar?

Answer: Dal

152300. Wular Lake is fed by the _____river?

Answer: Jhelum
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