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152301. Which state is the leading producer of saffron?

Answer: Jammu Kashmir

152302. Amarnath Cave is situated in which state?

Answer: Jammu & Kashmir

152303. Which Indian state has the longest coastline?

Answer: Gujarat

152304. Which Indian state is the leading producer of salt?

Answer: Gujarat

152305. Daramshala is the home of _____?

Answer: Dalai Lama

152306. Where is the Salt Lake Stadium situated?

Answer: Kolkata

152307. Which state is known as "the Jewel of India"?

Answer: Manipur

152308. Which Indian state"s official language is English?

Answer: Nagaland

152309. Which state is known as the "Land of Legends"?

Answer: Gujarat

152310. Which is the largest west flowing Indian river?

Answer: Narmada

152311. Which river flows between the Vindhya and Satpura ranges?

Answer: Narmada

152312. Which is the restructured form of Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY)?

Answer: National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM)

152313. The Integrated Rural Development Program (IRDP) was merged into which scheme in 1999?

Answer: Swarnajayanti Gram SwarozgarYojana (SGSY)

152314. Which scheme aimed the eradication of poverty in rural India through the creation of self-employment?

Answer: SGSY

152315. What was the basic component of the Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY)?

Answer: Self Help Groups (SHG)

152316. Which poverty eradication program"s flagship name is Ajeevika?

Answer: NRLM

152317. In which year was the National Rural Health Mission (NHRM) founded?

Answer: 2005

152318. ASFIA is an essential part of which scheme?

Answer: NHRM

152319. Who is the nodal officer at District level for the National Food for Work Programme?

Answer: District Collector

152320. In which year was the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) introduced?

Answer: 1975

152321. Which scheme was launched onApril-1, 1989 by merging National Rural Employment Program (NREP) & Rural Landless Employment Guarantee Programme (RLEGP)?

Answer: Jawahar Rozgar Yojana (JRY)

152322. People belonging to which groups are entitled to the right to an Antyodaya Card?

Answer: Persons in the BPL list, Senior citizens & Persons belonging to a primitive tribe

152323. The benefits of Balika Samridhi Yojana (BSY) are restricted to?

Answer: Two girl children in a household irrespective of number of children in the household

152324. The beneficiaries of Indira Awaas Yojana (IAY) are selected from?

Answer: The BPL list approved by the Grama Sabha

152325. Improve enrolment and retention of girl children in Schools & raise the age at marriage of girls are the main objectives of?

Answer: Balika Samridhi Yojana

152326. What is the popular name of Kerala"s "State Poverty Eradication Mission"?

Answer: Kudumbashree

152327. Which is the grass root functionary of Kudumbashree?

Answer: NHS (Neighbourhood Groups)

152328. In which year was the Pradhan Mantri Adharsh Gram Yojana formally Launched?

Answer: 2010

152329. Which scheme targets the most vulnerable groups of population including children up to 6 years of age, pregnant woman and nursing mothers in rural areas, tribal areas & urban slums?

Answer: ICDS

152330. Which is the thrust area of Valmiki Ambedkar Awaas Yojana?

Answer: Urban slums

152331. In which year was the Andyodaya Anna Yojana launched?

Answer: 36885

152332. The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act was passed in the year?

Answer: 2005

152333. Which Prime Minister of India dedicated the Sampoorna Gramin Rozgar Nana to the nation:

Answer: Atal Bihari Vajpayee

152334. PMRY is primarily to assist which group?

Answer: Educated Unemployed youth

152335. Which programme"s three important components are micro credit, entrepreneurship & empowerment?

Answer: Kudumbashree

152336. In which year the British Crown assumed sovereignty over India from the East India Company?

Answer: 1858

152337. Who presented the Objective Resolution in the Constituent Assembly?

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru

152338. Which Article of the Indian Constitution provides protection of traffic inhuman beings and forced labour?

Answer: Article 23

152339. Which part of the Constitution embodies the ideal of Welfare State?

Answer: Directive Principles of State Policy

152340. Which Article makes the Supreme Court & a court of Record?

Answer: Article-129

152341. Which Constitutional Amendment of 1988 lowered the voting age from 21 to 18?

Answer: 61st Amendment

152342. In which year the Government 1 of Kerala launched Kudumbashree?

Answer: 1998 May 17

152343. Which Prime Minister of India Inaugurated the Kudumbashree project at Malappuram?

Answer: Atal Bihari Vajpayee

152344. What is the ultimate goal of the Kudumbashree Programme?

Answer: Eradication of poverty

152345. Which is the largest women empowering project in India?

Answer: Kudumbashree

152346. The Kudumbashree project aimed to wipe out the absolute poverty in the State within _____ years?

Answer: 10 years

152347. Which are the three critical components of the Kudumbashree project?

Answer: Micro credit, Entrepreneurship & Empowerment

152348. Which empowerment project was formally registered as the "State Poverty Eradication Mission (SPEM)"?

Answer: Kudumbashree

152349. Who is the chairman of the governing body of Kudumbashree?

Answer: State Minister of LSG

152350. Which are the grassroots of Kudumbashree project?

Answer: Neighbourhood Goups (NHGs)
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