Basic-General-Knowledge Related Question Answers

1. Zambia and Zimbabwe together used to be called what?


2. Who is the author of “Reminiscences”?

Thomas Carlyle

3. The chief excretory organs of human body is ?

The kidneys

4. First Muslim President of Indian Union?

Dr. Zakir Hussain

5. Which country in the world's largest fishing industry?


6. Largest Diamond Mines (World)?

Kimberley (South Africa)

7. Who is the author of “Diplomacy”?

Henry Kissinger

8. Who was the first Vice Chancellor of Travancore University from 1937 to 1947?

Sir C P Ramaswami Ayyar

9. From where the famous Buddhist image Karumadikuttan has been discovered?

Karumadi near Ambalappuzha.

10. Excessive stimulus for alcohol consumption is called?


11. Who is the author of “ Dharmapuranam “?

O.V Vijayan

12. The American President William McKinley was assassinated in?


13. Who is the author of "Story of My Experiments with Truth "?


14. Pakistan President who was hanged to death in 1979?

Sulfiker Ali Bhuto

15. Death of tissues resulting from some mineral deficiency is known as ?


16. Who is the author of “Towards New Horizons”?

Dinesh Singh

17. Indian Institute of Management is located at?

Ahmedabad; Kolkata; Bangalore; Lucknow; Indore and Kozhikode.

18. Who is the author of “Rape of Bangladesh”?

Anthony Mascrenhas

19. India's first gymnastic training centre was setup at?


20. Who is the author of “The First Person”?

Vladimir Putin

21. BCG (Bacillus Calmette Guerin) vaccine used to prevent ?


22. Early Postman of Travancore were known as?

'Anchal Pillai'

23. Who is the author of “ The Accompanist” ?

Anita Desai

24. ‘Nair woman’ is a famous painting of?

Raja Ravi Varma

25. Sterilization process in female is called ?

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