Chemistry-Objective Related Question Answers

1. What is laughing gas?

Nitrous oxide

2. Which metal has the highest density?


3. Natural radioactivity was discovered by?

Henri Becquerel

4. Father of Chemistry?

Robert Boyle

5. The author of the book 'Sceptical Chymist’ is?

Robert Boyle

6. Father of of Indian Chemistry?

P.C. Roy

7. Father of Organic Chemistry?

Friedrich Wohler

8. Ancient Chemistry is known as?


9. Ancient Chemists were known as?


10. The scientist known as the father of Soda pop?

Joseph Priestly

11. International year of chemistry was?


12. New methods used in chemistry which aim to reduce pollution are called?

Green Chemistry

13. The term Green 'Chemistry was coined by?

Paul. T. Anastas

14. The concept dual nature of Matter was put forward by?

Louis de-Broglie

15. The construction of electron microscope was based on?

Dual Nature of Matter

16. The dual nature of electrons was experimentally proved by?

I.H. Germer

17. Basic unit of Chemistry?


18. Smallest units of a matter?


19. Atom was derived from a Greek word?

'Atomos' (means indivisible)

20. Atom was discovered by John?


21. Law of Multiple Proportion was put forward by?

John Dalton

22. The term 'atom' was coined by?


23. The fundamental particles of an atom?

Proton; Electron and Neutron

24. The central part of an atom is?


25. The sub atomic particles of Nucleus are?

Protons and Neutrons
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