Physics-Objective Related Question Answers

1. Father of Nuclear Physics?

Ernest Rutherford

2. Father of Indian Nuclear Programme?

Homi.J. Bhabha

3. Two types of Units are?

Fundamental Units and Derived Units

4. Fundamental units can be expressed in 3 kinds of measuring systems such as?


5. The Units which are derived from fundamental units?

Derived Units

6. Modified form of MKS System?

SI (System International)

7. Globally approved form of unit system is?

SI system

8. Physical quantities are divided into?

Scalar quantity & Vector quantity

9. Physical quantity having only magnitude, but no direction?

Scalar quantity eg : Mass; Length; Time etc

10. Physical quantity having both magnitude and direction?

Vector quantity eg: Velocity; Momentum; Force etc

11. 99% of matter in the Universe is in?

Plasma form

12. Fifth state of matter?

Bose Einstein condensate

13. Bose Einstein condensate was first predicted by?

Sathyendra Nath Bose and Albert Einstein

14. The pure Bose Einstein was first created by?

Eric Cornell and Carl Wieman

15. The quark model of matter was discovered by?

Murray Gell Mann and George Sick

16. The particle made up of quarks and Gluons?


17. Most stable form of hadrons are?

Protons and Neutrons

18. The energy carriers in the matter?


19. Bosons which carry electromagnetic force are?


20. Bosons which carry weak nuclear force?

W & Z Bosons

21. Bosons which carry strong nuclear force are?


22. Higgs Boson was discovered on?

2012 july 4

23. Particle which is known as 'God particle'?

Higgs Boson

24. The particle which gives the property of mass to the matter?

Higgs Boson

25. The particle which is considered the building blocks of all life?

Higgs Boson
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