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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1015

50751. Changes in temperature will affect the level of ________.

50752. ________ is less dependent on the transistor beta.

50753. In an emitter-bias configuration, the ________ the resistance RE, the ________ the stability factor, and the ________ stable is the system.

50754. Based on the microbiological parameters,a product is categorized as potentially hazardous

50755. For the BJT to operate in the active (linear) region, the base-emitter junction must be ________-biased and the base-collector junction must be ________-biased.

50756. Determine the reading on the meter when VCC = 20 V, RC = 5 k, and IC = 2 mA.

50757. In a fixed-bias circuit, which one of the stability factors overrides the other factors?

50758. For what value of R2 is VGSQ equal to 1 V?

50759. Which of the following is (are) true of a self-bias configuration compared to a fixed-bias configuration?

50760. The input controlling variable for a(n) ________ is a current level and a voltage level for a(n) ________.

50761. Through proper design, a ________ can be introduced that will affect the biasing level of a voltage-controlled JFET resistor.

50762. For what value of RS can the depletion-type MOSFETs operate in enhancement mode?

50763. On the universal JFET bias curve, the vertical scale labeled ________ can, in itself, be used to find the solution to ________ configurations.

50764. Calculate the value of RS. Assume VGSQ = −2V.

50765. Calculate the value of RD.

50766. At what value of RS does the circuit switch from depletion mode to enhancement mode?

50767. Which of the following current equations is true?

50768. Calculate VDSQ.

50769. Calculate the value of VDS.

50770. Which of the following represents the voltage level of VGS in a self-bias configuration?

50771. The self-bias configuration eliminates the need for two dc supplies.

50772. Which of the following is a false statement regarding the dc load line when comparing self-bias and voltage-divider configurations?

50773. Calculate VDS.

50774. For the noninverting amplifier, one of the most important advantages associated with using a JFET for control is the fact that it is ________ rather than ________ control.

50775. What are the voltages across RD and RS?

50776. Depletion-type MOSFETs do not permit operating points with positive values of VGS and levels of ID that exceed IDSS.

50777. Calculate the value of VDSQ.

50778. What is the approximate current level in the gate of an FET in dc analysis?

50779. Calculate VD.

50780. Elements that transpose through an RNA intermediate

50781. Seldom are current levels measured since such maneuvers require disturbing the network structure to insert the meter.

50782. In the design of linear amplifiers, it is good design practice to choose operating points that do not crowd the saturation level or cutoff regions.

50783. What is the new value of RD when there is 7 V across VDS?

50784. Which of the following describe(s) the difference(s) between JFETs and depletion-type MOSFETs?

50785. Determine the value of VDSQ.

50786. Specification sheets typically provide the value of the constant k for enhancement-type MOSFETs.

50787. Determine the quiescent values of ID and VGS.

50788. In ________ configuration(s) a depletion-type MOSFET can operate in enhancement mode.

50789. In a universal JFET bias curve, the horizontal axis is ________.

50790. In a fixed-bias configuration, the voltage level of VGS is equal to ________.

50791. The ratio of current ID to IDSS is equal to ________ for a fixed-bias configuration.

50792. For ________, Shockley's equation is applied to relate the input and the output quantities.

50793. The slope of the dc load line in a self-bias configuration is controlled by ________.

50794. Specification sheets typically provide ________ for enhancement-type MOSFETs.

50795. When plotting the transfer characteristics, choosing VGS = 0.5VP will result in a drain current level of ________ IDSS.

50796. The slope of the dc load line in a voltage-divider is controlled by ________.

50797. In a feedback-bias configuration, the slope of the dc load line is controlled by ________.

50798. For R2 smaller than ________ k the voltage VD is equal to VDD = 16 V.

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