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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1023

51151. In astable operation of the 555 timer, the external capacitor, C, is charged through external resistor(s) ________ and is discharged through resistor(s) ________.

51152. The frequency of the 566 VCO is set by ________.

51153. In astable operation of the 555 timer, the lower and upper peaks of the charging/discharging external capacitor are ________ to ________.

51154. The 311 voltage comparator can operate from ________.

51155. In interfacing circuitry, a receiver provides ________ input impedance to minimize loading of the input signal.

51156. When the input to the 311 voltage comparator is ________ value, the output is ________ if the inverting input is connected to ground.

51157. In a comparator, the level of the reference voltage must be ________.

51158. When the loop is in lock in a PLL, the input frequency is ________ the output frequency from the VCO.

51159. In a 555 timer, a series connection of three resistors sets the reference voltage levels to the two comparators at ________ and ________.

51160. In the operation of two 311 voltage comparators as the voltage window detector, a low output indicates that the input is ________.

51161. In a comparator, the reference voltage is connected to ________ input terminal and the input signal is applied to ________ input terminal.

51162. A voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) is a circuit that provides a ________ output signal.

51163. For the RS-232C circuit, ________ is a mark and ________ is a space.

51164. An input at a frequency of 1070 Hz will drive the decoder output voltage to ________.

51165. The conversion resolution of an 8-stage counter operating an 8-stage ladder network using a reference voltage of 5 V is ________.

51166. A phase-locked loop (PLL) is an electronic circuit that consists of ________.

51167. Time periods for monostable operation of the 555 timer can range from ________ to ________, making this IC useful for a range of applications.

51168. For transistor transistor logic (TTL) circuits, ________ is a mark and ________ is a space.

51169. In the operation of two 311 voltage comparators as the voltage window detector, a high output indicates that the input is ________.

51170. In the frequency-shift keyed (FSK) signal decoder, the RC ladder filter is used to ________.

51171. The free-running frequency of a 565 FSK decoder is adjusted with ________.

51172. In a ladder-network conversion, ________ ladder stages provide ________ voltage resolution.

51173. In a ladder-network conversion, the ________ circuit provides a signal to stop the counter when the staircase voltage rises above the input voltage.

51174. A comparator circuit accepts input of ________ voltages and provides a ________ output that indicates when one input is less than or greater than the second.

51175. Which of the following require(s) interfacing circuitry?

51176. What is the level of the output voltage of a ladder-network conversion?

51177. Which of the following is not a linear/digital IC?

51178. A 339 IC is an example of a fourteen-pin DIP that can be made to function as a ________.

51179. What is the minimum number of conversions per second of a clock rate of 1 MHz operating a 10-stage counter in an ADC?

51180. Which of the following is (are) the results of improvements built into a comparator IC?

51181. Calculate the output voltage if V1 = V2 = 0.15 V.

51182. Determine the output voltage for this circuit with a sinusoidal input of 2.5 mV.

51183. Determine the output voltage when V1 = V2 = 1 V.

51184. How many op-amps are required to implement this equation?

51185. Calculate the input voltage if the final output is 10.08 V.

51186. Calculate the output of the first-stage op-amp when V1 = 25 mV.

51187. He came ..........?

51188. Calculate the output voltage if V1 = V2 = 700 mV.

51189. Calculate the cutoff frequencies of a bandpass filter with R1 = R2 = 5 k and C1 = C2 = 0.1 F.

51190. Calculate the output voltage if V1 = 300 mV and V2 = 700 mV.

51191. Calculate the output voltage.

51192. This circuit is an example of a(n)________.

51193. Determine the value of Rf (assuming that all have the same value).

51194. Calculate the input voltage for this circuit if Vo = –11 V.

51195. Calculate the input voltage when Vo = 11 V.

51196. Who is Lee Chong Wei?

51197. Calculate the output of the second stage op-amp if V1 = 25 mV.

51198. A difference between a passive filter and an active filter is that a passive filter uses amplifier(s), but an active filter does not.

51199. Calculate the output voltage Vo if V1 = –V2 = 300 mV.

51200. Calculate IL for this circuit.

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