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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1029

51451. How many terminals does a programmable unijunction transistor (PUT) have?

51452. What is the typical value of the reverse resistance of SCRs?

51453. The ISO-LIT Q1 16-pin Litronix opto-isolator DIP contains ________ opto-isolators.

51454. How many terminals does a Shockley diode have?

51455. What is the range of the variable resistor in the equivalent circuit of a unijunction transistor?

51456. Which one of the SCR terminals fires the SCR?

51457. Which of the following devices has the smallest turn-off time?

51458. What is the range of the turn-on times in high-power SCR devices?

51459. What is the frequency range of application of SCRs?

51460. This symbol is an example of a(n) ________.

51461. Which of the following devices has nearly the same turn-on time as turn-off time?

51462. The pulmonary artery and the aorta are sometimes called?

51463. Which of the transistors of an SCR are conducting when the SCR is fired and is in the conduction mode?

51464. For an SCS, a ________ pulse at the anode gate turns the device on, while a ________ pulse will turn it off.

51465. An advantage of the SCR over the SCS is the reduced turn-off time.

51466. This is an example of a high-isolation ________ gate.

51467. Which of the following devices has (have) four layers of semiconductor materials?

51468. Which of the following parameters are usually provided by the manufacturer on the specification sheet for SCRs?

51469. What is the maximum current (rms) rating for commercially available LASCRs today?

51470. Which of the following areas is (are) applications of an SCS?

51471. Kasargode district was formed in .......?

51472. How many terminals does a silicon-controlled switch (SCS) device have?

51473. What is the typical value of the triggering anode gate for SCS devices?

51474. What is the typical range of turn-off times for SCRs?

51475. Which of the following is (are) the advantages of the SCS over a corresponding SCR?

51476. This symbol is an example of a(n)________.

51477. Which of the following transistors is an SCR composed of?

51478. A thyristor is a ________-layer semiconductor material device.

51479. How many layers of semiconductor materials does a silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) have?

51480. The peak and valley currents of the PUT are typically ________ those of a similarly rated UJT.

51481. The ________ the anode gate current, the ________ the required anode-to-cathode voltage to turn the SCS device on.

51482. SCRs have been designed to control powers as high as ________, with individual ratings as high as ________ at ________.

51483. The two-layer semiconductor diode has led to ________layer devices.

51484. The minimum operating voltage of the UJT is typically ________ that of a similarly rated PUT.

51485. In general, the triggering (turn-on) anode gate current is ________ the required cathode gate current.

51486. The four-layer devices with a control mechanism are commonly referred to as ________.

51487. ________ is(are) example(s) of applications of phototransistors.

51488. ________ in light intensity corresponds with ________ in collector current.

51489. A(n) ________ can be triggered in either direction.

51490. At –65ºC the minimum current that will trigger the series of an SCR is ________, while at +150ºC only ________ is required.

51491. The current induced by photoelectric effects is the ________ current of the transistor.

51492. The switching time of an opto-isolator ________ with increased current, while for many devices it is exactly the reverse.

51493. The ________ are the terminals of SCRs.

51494. An opto-isolator contains ________.

51495. The method(s) for turning off an SCR is (are) categorized as ________.

51496. In a programmable unijunction transistor (PUT), the ________ can be controlled through a couple of resistors and the supply voltage.

51497. The ________ are the terminals of an SCS.

51498. The SCRs have typical turn-on times of ________ in the regeneration action.

51499. In the conduction region, the dynamic resistance of the SCR is typically ________ to ________.

51500. The anode gate connection can be used to turn the SCS device ________.

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