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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1086

54301. Choose the correct word which very closely fits each definition. A place where coins are made is called .........-—.?

54302. A virtual ground is a ground for

54303. As compared to a full wave diode rectifier circuit using centre tapped transformer, the bridge diode rectifier circuit has the main advantage of

54304. A dc power supply has no load voltage of 30 V and full load voltage of 25 V at full load current of 1 A. The output resistance and voltage regulation respectively are

54305. The main advantage of CC amplifier is

54306. If a = 0.995, IE = 10 mA, ICO = 0.5 mA, then ICEO will be

54307. Assertion (A): In class C amplifier the efficiency is more than that for other classes of amplifiersReason (R): In class C amplifier we can get high efficiency over a wideband

54308. In the following figure C = 0.02 μF, and Vth is known to be of frequency ω = 107 rad/sec and rd = 2.5 Ω and ZTh = RTh = 10 Ω Then phase angle between id and Vd

54309. A class C amplifier has input frequency of 200 kHz. If width of collector pulses is 0.1 μs, duty cycle is

54310. Output of a phase splitter is

54311. In a transistor the minimum and maximum values of βdc are 100 and 121. The proper value of βdc to be used to locate Q point is

54312. The input to an op-amp integrating amplifier is a constant voltage. The output will be

54313. FET amplifier is more difficult to analyse than BJT amplifier.

54314. To bypass a 100 ohm emitter resistor at

54315. In a CE amplifier the dc load line is the same as ac load line when

54316. If the output current wave shape of class C circuit has a period of 1 μs and a pulse width of 0.006 μs, the duty cycle is

54317. Which configuration is suitable for impedance matching?

54318. A BJT is said to be operating in saturation region if

54319. If an amplifier with gain of - 100 and feedback of β = - 0.1 has a gain change of 20% due to temperature the change in gain of the feedback amplifier will be

54320. In figure the cut in voltage of diode is 0.7 V and its bulk resistance is 20 Ω. The peak value of circuit current of during positive and negative half cycles are

54321. A voltage gain of a CE amplifier connected in collector to base configuration is 50. Collector to base resistor RF = 1 kΩ, RC = 4Ω, the O/P resistance R0 =?

54322. A voltage multiplier circuit, using diodes and capacitors is suitable for

54323. In a CE amplifier the ac emitter resistance

54324. Heat sink results in

54325. Who was the first to perform the surgery of human heart transplant?

54326. In a CE amplifier, the output voltage is equal to product of

54327. In figure, VG =

54328. A diode can have a very high forward resistance.

54329. In figure the voltage drop across diode is 0.7 V. Then the voltage across diode during negative half cycle is

54330. In figure vi = 10 mV dc maximum. The maximum possible dc output offset voltage is

54331. A transistor with a = 0.9 and ICBO = 10 μA is biased so that IBQ = 90 μA. Then ICQ will be

54332. Which of the following is called the Gate way to the Pacific?

54333. The current through R1 is(If β = 99, VBE = 0.74 V)

54334. Which of the following can be used as a buffer amplifier?

54335. The feedback technique employed in the following circuit is

54336. A second order active bandpass filter can be obtained by cascading LP second order filter having higher cut off frequency fOH with a second order HP filter having lower cut off frequency fOL provided

54337. In figure the approximate voltages of

54338. The open loop gain of an amplifier is 50 but likely to decrease by 20% due to various factors. If negative feedback with β = 0.1 is used, the change in gain will be about

54339. An increase in ambient temperature means that maximum power rating of transistor

54340. Two CE stages are coupled through a capacitor. To calculate the quiescent base current of the two transistors, the capacitor is treated as

54341. If it is desired to have low output impedance in an amplifier circuit then we should use

54342. Generally the gain of a transistor amplifier falls at high frequencies due to the

54343. Which one of the following is connect expression of id for figure?

54344. A voltage tripler circuit and voltage quadrupler circuit use identical components. Then

54345. A Ge diode operated at a junction temperature of 27°C. For a forward current of 10 mA, VD is found to be 0.3 V. If VD = 0.4 V then forward current will be

54346. In a power amplifier the collector current flows for 270° of the input cycle. The operations is

54347. An amplifier has input impedance of 4 kΩ and output impedance of 80 kΩ. It is used in negative feedback circuit with 10% feedback. If open loop gain is 90, the closed loop input and output impedances are

54348. In figure the current through resistor R

54349. In a negative feedback amplifier A = 100, β = 0.04 and Vs = 50 mV, then feedback will be

54350. For an npn transistor connected as shown in the figure VBE = 0.7 volts. Given that reverse saturation current of the junction at room temperature 300K is 10-13A, the emitter current.

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