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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1087

54351. The dc output voltage of the circuit is

54352. A voltage doubler circuit is fed by a voltage Vm sin ωt. The output voltage will be nearly 2 Vm only if

54353. The purpose of connecting a coupling capacitor in the output circuit of an amplifier is

54354. Which component is allowed to pass through it by a choke filter?

54355. In the diode circuit shown in figure the diodes are ideal. The impedance seen by source is

54356. In an amplifier the stray capacitances assume impedance at low frequencies

54357. In CE amplifier the base current is very high.

54358. In the graphical analysis of CE amplifier circuit, the upper end of load line is called

54359. A full wave rectifier supplies a load of 1 kΩ. The a.c. Voltage applied to the diodes is 220 - 0 - 220 Volts rms. If diode resistance is neglected, then Average d.c. Voltage

54360. In the graphical analysis of an amplifier circuit, the slope of dc load line depends on

54361. In figure we need an ac ground. The proper value of C is

54362. Who was the first English man to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature?

54363. In figure V0 =

54364. In figure, ID = 4 mA. Then VS =

54365. The circuit shown is

54366. Consider 49 cascaded amplifiers having individual rise time as 2 n sec. 3 n sec. ... 50 n sec. The input waveform rise time is 1 n sec. Then the output signal rise time is given time by (Assume output signal rise time is measured within 10 percent range of the final output signal.)

54367. The zener diode in the rectangular circuit shown in the figure has a zener voltage of 5.8 volts and a zener knee current of 0.5 mA. The maximum load current drawn from this circuit ensuring proper functioning over the input voltage range between 20 and 30 volts, is

54368. In figure, ID = 4 mA. Then VDS =

54369. In figure, V0 =

54370. In the circuit of figure diode will conduct

54371. The input to integrating op-amp is a rectangular wave. The output will be

54372. The most widely used diode rectifier circuit is

54373. The organ which is primarily concerned with immunity:

54374. The main advantage of a crystal oscillator

54375. A full wave rectifier circuit using centre tapped transformer, the input frequency 50 Hz. The frequency of output is

54376. If the midband gain of an amplifier is 40 dB, the gain at half power frequency is

54377. It is desired to reduce distortion in an amplifier from 8% to 2% by using 5% negative feedback. The open and closed loop gains respectively are

54378. An ideal op-amp requires

54379. The JFET in the circuit shown in figure has an IDSS = 10 mA and Vp = -5V. The value of the resistance Rs for a drain current IDS = 6.4 mA is

54380. Whcih branch of medicine was Rabindranath Tagore good at?

54381. The alloy of steel used in making automobile parts is:

54382. In figure the zener has a resistance of 5 ohms. As the load resistance is varied, the output voltage

54383. Percentage increase in the reverse saturation current of a diode if the temperature is increased from 25°C to 50°C

54384. The transistor of following figure in Si diode with a base current of 40 μA and ICBO = 0, if VBB = 6V, RE = 2 kΩ and β = 90, IBQ = 20 μA then IEQ =

54385. In a self bias circuit for CE amplifier, an increase in emitter resistance RE results in

54386. For a BJT if β = 50, ICEO = 3 μA and IC = 1.2 mA then IE

54387. All of the following were true concerning absolute monarches except?

54388. When the circuit is switched on, the loop gain of a Wien bridge oscillator is

54389. The op-amp circuit shown in the figure is a filter. The type of filter and its cut off type of filter and its cut off frequency are respectively.

54390. In a capacitor filter, the time constant RLC should be small.

54391. A 741 type op-amp has a gain bandwidth product of 1 MHz. A non-inverting amplifier using this op-amp and having a voltage gain of 20 dB will exhibit a -3dB bandwidth of

54392. In a full wave rectifier circuit using centre tapped transformer, the peak voltage across half the secondary winding is 40 V. If diodes are ideal, the average output voltage is

54393. In the circuit of figure, PIV can be up to

54394. It is desired to reduce distortion in a CE amplifier circuit. We should

54395. In the circuit of figure β = 50 and VBE = 0.5 V. The quiescent value of base current IB is

54396. For a push pull circuit the most favoured biasing method is

54397. In feedback amplifier the closed loop gain is nearly independent of open loop gain and depends only on the feedback factor.

54398. In a N-P-N transistor, when emitter junction is forward biased and collector junction is reverse biased, the transistor will operate in

54399. A feedback network to be used with an amplifier to provide oscillation is tested and found to give an output of 0.124 V with a 0.5 V input. What percentage negative feedback should be introduced to the amplifier so that linear oscillations result?

54400. The advantage of Weinbridge oscillator over the phase shift oscillator is that oscillator the frequency may be varied over a range of

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