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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1103

55151. In the given figure, of potentiometer V0 = Vi (R0/Ri) only when

55152. "If the Indian is making a loss on passenger traffic, it should increase its prices". The suggested remedy would only work if the demand from air travel had a price elasticity of?

55153. Bellows converts

55154. Assertion (A): The steady state response, of a stable, linear, time invariant system, to sinusoidal input depends on initial conditions. Reason (R): Frequency response, in steady state, is obtained by replacing s in the transfer function by jω

55155. Consider the systems with following open loop transfer functions If unity feedback is used, the increasing order of time taken for unit step response to settle is

55156. The phase margin and damping ratio have no relation.

55157. For the transport lag G(jω) = e-jωT, the magnitude is always equal to

55158. The log magnitude curve for a constant gain K is a

55159. The compensator of the given figure is a

55160. If error voltage is e(t), integral square error =

55161. A lag compensator is essentially a

55162. Stepper motors find applications in

55163. For type 2 system, the magnitude and phase angle of the term (jω)2 in the denominator, at ω = 0, are respectively

55164. In an integral controller

55165. In Bode diagram (log magnitude plot) the factor in the transfer function gives a line having slope

55166. In the given figure the input is x(t) = A sin ωt. The steady state output y(t) =

55167. In the given figure x6 =

55168. A negative feedback system has . The closed loop system is stable for

55169. Which country will host the 2018 FIFA World Cup Football?

55170. For the control system in the given figure, the value of K for critical damping is

55171. Bode magnitude plot is drawn between

55172. The noted agricultural Scientist of Kerala origin was .....?

55173. In the given figure, if R = XC, voltage gain is

55174. The energy possessed by the water collected in the reservoir of a dam?

55175. The system in the given figure, has

55176. The given figure shows a pole zero diagram. The transfer function G(j1) is

55177. For very low frequencies, v0/vi in the given figure equals

55178. In a minimum phase system

55179. The cat was chasing the rat' change the sentence into passive voice?

55180. The first column of a Routh array is How many roots of the corresponding characteristic equation are in left half s-plane?

55181. For the given figure, time constant RC = t . Then

55182. The entries in the first column of Routh array of a fourth order are 5, 2, - 0.1, 2, 1. The number of poles in the right half plane are

55183. In Bode diagram (log magnitude plot) the factor (jω)n in the transfer function gives a line having slope

55184. The magnitude of transport lag factor is always zero.

55185. The primary function of lag compensator is to provide sufficient

55186. A terabyte comprises?

55187. For G(jω) =

55188. The transient response of a second order system is given by for 5% criterion the settling time is

55189. The polar plot of a transfer function passes through (-1, 0) point. The gain margin is

55190. For the system in the given figure, the transfer function C(s)/R(s) is

55191. For the system in the given figure, the characteristic equation is

55192. In control systems the magnitude of error voltage

55193. The slope of log-magnitude asymptote changes by - 40 dB/ decade at a frequency ω1. This means that

55194. Pick out the correct answer from the choices given. When he .........- the room , his son .........in his chair.?

55195. The transfer function can be for

55196. The system of the given figure

55197. For the given figure C(s)/R(s)

55198. If phase angle of open loop transfer function becomes - 180° at frequency ω1, then gain margin is equal to

55199. Arranged in chronological order, which of the following events occured first?

55200. For the second order system having following differential equation (When θ0 and θi are output and input) the natural frequency is

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