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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1104

55201. For a second order system, the position of poles is in the shaded region shown in the given figure. The variation in damping factor is

55202. For a factor in the transfer function, the log magnitude plot

55203. The frequency at which magnitude of closed loop frequency response is 3 dB below its zero frequency value is called critical frequency.

55204. The transfer function has the characteristics of high pass filter.

55205. In a second order system, the time constant t of exponential envelopes depends

55206. The maximum shift which can be provided by a lead compensator with transfer function is

55207. The network of the given figure is a

55208. The infallibility Decree was issued by Akbar in the year?

55209. The resistance R of a liquid flow system is defined as

55210. For quadratic factor. In Bode log magnitude plot the high frequency asymptote is a straight line having the slope

55211. The injection of anti-toxin is given to prevent?

55212. Assertion (A): When the phase margin of a control system is improved using a lead network, noise transmission increases.Reason (R): Phase lead compensation increases bandwidth.

55213. In liquid flow system the capacitance of a water tank is defined as

55214. For a first order system having transfer function , the unit ramp response is

55215. Which is the French majority area in Canada?

55216. EEG is used to study the functions of :?

55217. The functions and have

55218. How long can a person continue to be a Minister in India without being a member of either House of Parliament?

55219. ......... retards the growth of plants and animals and has germicide and bactericide properties?

55220. Assertion (A): Positive feedback is not used in any circuit.Reason (R): Positive feedback leads to instability.

55221. For the equation where Q is heat energy Gt is thermal conductance and θ is temperature, analogous electrical equation is

55222. If the Nyquist plot does not encircle the (-1 + j0) point the system is always stable.

55223. Telephone was invented by?

55224. A system hasFor unit step input the settling time for 2% tolerance band is

55225. A system has transfer function. If a sinusoidal input of frequency ω is applied the steady state output is of the form

55226. The Bhadradeepam and Murajapam in the Padmanabha Swami Temple were started by?

55227. For a quadratic factor in transfer function the phase angle is not a function of damping factor.

55228. The current rating of dc tachogenerator is usually

55229. For the compensator in the given figure the maximum phase lead is

55230. Lag compensation increases bandwidth of the system.

55231. Assertion (A): The time response of the system with will not have any overshoot for unit step input.Reason (R): A critically damped system does not have any overshoot to a unit step input.

55232. In which one of the places, Dutch had a factory?

55233. Who was the architect of the ‘Sabhamandapa’ of the Sucheendram Temple?

55234. The effect of negative feedback on distortion and bandwidth because

55235. Which of the following rotors are used in two phase ac servomotor? Solid iron rotorSquirrel cage rotorDrag cup rotor Of the above the correct ones are

55236. Which of the following Malayali writers did not receive the “Jnanpith Award”?

55237. Given figure shows a unity feedback system. The ratio of time constants for open loop and closed loop response are

55238. For a second order system damping factor is 0.1. If ωd is frequency of damped oscillations and ωn is natural frequency, then

55239. The people of...........used sundials to tell time?

55240. The phase angle curve of G(jω) H(jω) can be drawn

55241. The most commonly used devices for differencing and amplification, in control systems, are

55242. The presence of which of the following salts in water causes corrosion in steam boilers?

55243. In Bode method of stability analysis, the error curve is not symmetric about corner frequency.

55244. Phrasal Verb:To shrug one’s shoulders

55245. AIDS is caused by:?

55246. In a second order system with a unit step input, the speed of response is high if system is

55247. A thermometer requires 1 minute to indicate 98% of its final response to a step input. If it is a first order system the time constant is

55248. Assertion (A): A slight change in pole-zero configuration can cause only minor changes in root locus configuration.Reason (R): Asymptotes show the behaviour of root loci for |s| >> 1

55249. In a second order system ωn = 10 rad/sec and ζ = 0.1, then ωd =

55250. A system has 12 poles and 2 zeros. Its high frequency asymptote in its magnitude plot has a slope of

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