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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1114

55701. Assertion (A): In an automobile the amount of fuel admitted to the engine is adjusted as per the difference between desired and actual speed.Reason (R): The control signal is the amount of fuel to be admitted to the engine.

55702. A system is highly oscillatory if

55703. The effect of adding poles and zeros can be determined quickly by

55704. In force current analogue, mechanical mobility is analogous to

55705. If any term in the first column of a Routh array becomes zero, then

55706. Which of the following features is not associated with Nichols chart?

55707. Which of the following is a typical anti psychotic?

55708. Which of the following can be used as a rotating amplifier in a control system? AmplidyneSeparately excited dc generatorSynchroSelf excited dc generator Select the answer from the following codes:

55709. A lead compensator

55710. For the system in the given figure the characteristic equation is

55711. Mechanical impedance is the ratio of

55712. For the system in the given figure. The transfer function C(s)/R(s) is

55713. Whether a linear system is stable or unstable that it

55714. Nicolo Conte visited Kerala in?

55715. Pseudodementia reported in

55716. Ingredient responsible for psychoactive effect of Cannabis is

55717. IUGR can occur in all except

55718. The commonest cause of first trimester abortion is

55719. Clue cells are seen in

55720. The colour subcarrier and sidebands produced by its modulation with the chrominance signals are accommodated in the standard channel width by the process of

55721. In FM signal with a modulation index mf is passed through a frequency tripler. The wave in the output of the tripler will have a modulation index of

55722. In colour TV receiver, varactor diode is used for

55723. The number of noise sources in a BJT are

55724. Energy content of atmospheric noise

55725. A 400 W carrier is amplitude modulated with m = 0.75. The total power in AM is

55726. c(t) and m(t) are used to generate an FM signal. If the peak frequency deviation of the generated FM signal is three times the transmission bandwidth of the AM signal, then the coefficient of the term cos [2p (1008 x 103t)] in the FM signal (in terms of the Bessel Coefficients) is

55727. Non-coherently detection is not possible for

55728. Tracking of extra terrestrial objects requires

55729. Assertion (A): Free space does not interfere with normal radiation and propagation of radio wavesReason (R): Free space has no magnetic or gravitational fields.

55730. In radar systems PRF stands for

55731. Which of the following cannot be the Fourier series expansion of a periodic signal?

55732. Which of the following is the indirect way of FM generation?

55733. A telephone exchange has 9000 subscribers. If the number of calls originating at peak time is 10, 000 in one hour, the calling rate is

55734. The famous book ‘Lycidas’ is written by?

55735. As the frequency increases, the absorption of ground wave by earth's surface

55736. The velocity of sound waves in air

55737. The range of a cordless telephone is about

55738. An earth mat for a communication tower consists of

55739. Degaussing in a picture tube means

55740. The rate at which information can be carried through a communication channel depends on

55741. Some types of traps used in video IF amplifier of colour TV are

55742. Direct and reflected sound waves may interfere with each other.

55743. A carrier is simultaneously modulated by two sine waves having modulation indices of 0.4 and 0.3. The total modulation index will be

55744. A 1000 kHz carrier is simultaneously modulated with 300 Hz, 800 Hz and 2 kHz audio sine waves. Which of the following frequency is least likely to be present in the output?

55745. In standing wave pattern on a transmission line

55746. If the bandwidth is increased by 2, the γFM γAM (where γ is the ratio of SNR of output to SNR at input, FM is frequency modulation and AM is amplitude modulation) is increased by a factor of

55747. Kanishka organised the fourth Buddhist Council with a view to?

55748. A carrier wave carries information.

55749. Frequency shift keying is used mostly in

55750. It is desired that transmission line and load should match for a range of frequencies. The best method is

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