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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1157

57851. Which of the following parameters is not specified for digital ICs?

57852. A binary adder has

57853. Which is the legal ways to access a class data member using this pointer?

57854. Which are the pending interrupts?

57855. The logical expression Y = A + A B is equivalent to

57856. A quantization error is an essential aspect of ADC

57857. Schmitt trigger is used for wave shaping.

57858. Fundamental mode is another name for

57859. Assertion (A): Decoder is not a combinational circuit.Reason (R): Every memory element of semi conductor form has a decoder.

57860. In 8085 microprocessor, in order to enable RST 5.5, RST 6.5 and RST 7.5 interrupts, which of the following instruction are needed?

57861. A retriggerable one shot is one which

57862. A(A + B) =

57863. For the K map in the given figure, the simplified expression is

57864. If the switch is thrown to the START position, Q and Y will be equal to

57865. The hexadecimal number system is

57866. Mark the false statement:

57867. The stack is a specialized temporary __________ access memory during __________ and __________ instructions. The 8156 of a figure has RAM locations from 2000 H to 20 FFH.

57868. The 54/74164 chip is an 8-bit serial-input-parallel-output shift register. The clock is 1 MHz. The time needed to shift a 8-bit binary number into the chip is

57869. Which material is generally used for LED?

57870. The counter shown in the given figure is

57871. The number of bits in a nibble is

57872. When all the seven segments of a display are energized, the number shown is

57873. In digital computer programming, subroutines are used

57874. Equation xl0 = 110010012 when solved for x gives the value of x as

57875. Nibble is

57876. The sum S of A and B in a Half Adder can be implemented by using K NAND gates. The value of K is

57877. When a bit is 0 is a DDR, it makes the corresponding port pin an __________ On the other hand, a 1 bit programs a __________ Pin.

57878. Which of the following input is not possible in case of a SR flip-flop?

57879. The Truth Table shown is for a

57880. The advantages of flash memory over EEPROM are

57881. In a JK flip flop output Qn = 1 and it does not change when clock pulse is applied. The possible combination of Jn and Kn is (X denotes don't care)

57882. Which one of the following is a sequence container?

57883. VF glows with __________ colour when activated.

57884. The simplified logic expression for the circuit of the given figure is

57885. The code which provides for parity check is

57886. The address to which a software or hardware restart branches is known as

57887. Which device uses Pneumatic fluid?

57888. DeMorgan's first theorem is =

57889. If we need a low noise device, we should use

57890. The principal of locality of reference justifies the use of

57891. The contents of the commands register are 23 H. Then port C

57892. Consider the following digital circuits: MultipliersRead only memoriesD-latchCircuits as shown Which of these come under the class of combinational circuit?

57893. Which of the following bus is used to transfer data from main memory to peripheral device?

57894. An 8085 microprocessor based system uses a 4 k x 8 bit RAM whose address in AAOOH. The address of the last byte in this RAM is

57895. Read the following statements: Dual slope ADC provides higher speed as compared to other ADCvery good accuracygood rejection of power supplybetter resolutions compared to other ADC for the same number of bits Which of the above are correct?

57896. In 8085 microprocessor, how many I/O ports can be accessed by memory mapped method?

57897. The open wired circuit in the given figure works as a

57898. The circuit shown below is functionally equivalent to

57899. In an R-S latch, to set the output to high

57900. The amplifier used in miller voltage sweep should have a gain of

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