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57901. How many different binary numbers can be stored in a register consisting of six switches?

57902. In one of the codes for transfer of numbers the code for the succeeding number differs from that of the number only in the change of a single digit. The code is

57903. Assertion (A): TTL uses multiple emitter transistor.Reason (R): Multiple emitter transistors with about 60 emitters have been developed.

57904. "Micro-program" is

57905. The number of programmable 16 bit registers of 6800 are

57906. In 8085 microprocessor, if interrupt service requests have been received from all of the following interrupts, then which one will be serviced first?

57907. In floating point representation, the number of bits of mantissa is

57908. The clock shown in figure has a frequency of 6 MHz. The frequency of the Q output will be

57909. Which of the following can provide a digital signal?

57910. If all bubbles are removed, what are the new RAM locations? The 8156 of a figure has RAM locations from 2000 H to 20 FFH.

57911. Data are recorded on a 2, 400 ft reel of magnetic tape at a density of 556 characters per inch. If the record length is of 100 characters and 0.75 inch of record gap, the tape utilization factor is

57912. Some of MOS families are PMOS, CMOS, the family dominating the LSI field, where low power consumption is necessary is

57913. For a particular type of memory the access time and cycle time are 200 ns each. The maximum rate at which data can be accessed by

57914. Which of the following binary product is incorrect?

57915. Assertion (A): The advantages of totem pole output are fast switching and low power consumption.Reason (R): IC packages available are DIP, surface mount and J lead surface mount.

57916. In DTL the junction transistor serves as

57917. A 16 x 8 ROM stores these words in its first four locations, as given below. Which of this represents 3 CH in hexadecimal?

57918. Decade counter has 4 flip flops and skips states 10 to 15.

57919. Assertion (A): The output of an 8 bit ADC is 80 H if input is 2.5 V Reason (R): ADC has an output range of 00 to FF H if input range is - 5 to + 5 V

57920. A parity detector can detect

57921. Which of the- following display consumes least amount of power?

57922. The converter whose conversion time is independent of number of bits is

57923. Serial input data of 8085 can be loaded into bit-7 of the accumulator by

57924. The logic operations of the two circuits given below are

57925. What does the acronym BCPL stands for?

57926. A register is

57927. In 8085 microprocessor, when TRAP interrupt is triggered program control is transferred to location

57928. In 8085 microprocessor, what is the length of SP (stack) pointer?

57929. A crystal is frequently used in digital circuits for timing purpose because of its

57930. The value of program counter of 6800 at power on are after reset is

57931. The Boolean expression for the sub-class (Q) of all electronic instruments which are measuring instruments or are non-digital instruments with battery supply is

57932. Serial in-serial out shift register can be built using D flip flops.

57933. A binary ladder network D/A converter requires

57934. Data from a satellite is received in serial form (1 bit after another). If this data is coming at a 5 MHz rate and if the clock frequency is 5 MHz how long will it take to serially load a word in a 32-bit shift register?

57935. Assuming accumulator contain A 64 and the carry is set (1). What will register A and (CY) contain after CMA?

57936. The minimum number of 2 input NAND gates required to implement Boolean function A B C is A, B, C are available is

57937. Single parity check is not reliable in case of

57938. A 0 to 6 counter consist of 3 flip-flop and a combinational circuit of 2 input gates. The combinational circuit consist of

57939. For an N bit ADC, the percentage resolution is [1/2N - 1)] 100.

57940. Commercial ECL gates use two ground lines and one negative supply to

57941. Dynamic memory cells are constructed using

57942. What was Ken Thompson’s version of C called?

57943. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose organised I.N.A. to?

57944. A depletion type NMOS is operated in enhancement mode. Vp = - 4 volts. For VGS = + 3 volts as VDS is increased, ID becomes nearly constant when Vps equals

57945. Which one of the following is D/A conversion technique?

57946. Assuming accumulator contain A 64 and the carry is set (1). What will accumulator (A) and carry (CY) contain after ANA A?

57947. A number is expressed in binary 2's complement as 10011 decimal equivalent value is

57948. In INHIBIT operation

57949. The product of which of the following gives the figure of merit of a logic family?

57950. A JK flip flop can be converted to D flip flop by

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