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57951. In a 4 bit parallel in parallel out shift register A = 1, B = 1, C = 0, D = 1. The data output after 3 clock pulses is

57952. Assertion (A): A 4 input variable logic circuit can be implemented using a 8 : 1 multiplexer.Reason (R): When a multiplexer is used as a logic function generator, the logic design is simple.

57953. A 6 MHz channel is used by a digital signalling system initializing four-level signals. The maximum possible transmission rate is

57954. Data can be changed from spatial code to temporal code and vice-versa by using

57955. Precisely 1 K byte means

57956. In 8156, the lower times byte is addressed with 24 H, and the upper times byte with

57957. In the CMOS inverter

57958. What does the fopen()function return?

57959. Which one of the following is used to change data from spatial code to temporal code?

57960. Which of the following needs DC forward voltage to emit light?

57961. If a microcomputer has a 64 K memory; what is the hexadecimal notations for the last memory location?

57962. In the given figure shows a 3 bit shift register using TTL flip flops. Initially all the flip flops are set to 0 state. After 8 clock pulses

57963. Recommended fanout for ECL is

57964. Race condition occurs in

57965. Recursive algorithms are based on

57966. Among the logic families, the family which can be used at very high frequency greater than 100 MHz in a 4 bit synchronous counter is

57967. Which of the following is a self-complementing code?

57968. ALU processes

57969. In an op-amp a virtual ground is a ground for

57970. Assuming accumulator contain A 64 and the carry is set (1). What will register A and (CY) contain after SBI 0B7H?

57971. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) of the 16-processor system developed by hardware and software teams of C-DOT, Bangalore is configured around

57972. Figure shows an 8-bit LED display. A light circle means that a LED is ON (binary 1) and a dark circle means a LED is OFF (binary 0). What is the decimal equivalent of the binary number displayed?

57973. For NOR gate SR flip-flop, the 'no change' condition is

57974. Which type of gate is in the given figure?

57975. Which of the following will be hexadecimal number just for prior to F52B?

57976. A pair of 21114s can store __________ words of __________ bits each.

57977. In hexadecimal number system, A is equal to decimal number

57978. The Sorting method which is used for external sort is

57979. How many interrupts are there in 8085 microprocessor?

57980. 1111 + 11111 =

57981. Given figure is the voltage transfer characteristic of

57982. If one wants to design a binary counter, preferred type of flip-flop is

57983. (100101)2 is

57984. In which function is each term known as maxterm?

57985. For a NOR SR latch the normal resting state of inputs is

57986. Decimal 18.29 when converted int 10's complement will become

57987. An 8-bit microprocessor has 16 bit address bus A0 - A15. The processor addresses a 1-K byte memory chip as shown. The address range for the chip is

57988. The complement of Boolean expression AB (B C + AC) is

57989. A decade counter

57990. The range of signed decimal number that can be represented by 6 bit in complement number is

57991. Schottky clamping is resorted to in TTL gates

57992. In 8085 microprocessor, which of the following interrupts has the highest priority?

57993. The circuit shown in the figure is a

57994. Assertion (A): An SR latch has the problem of RAC conditionReason (R): While designing a digital circuit RAC condition should be avoided.

57995. In a clocked NAND latch, race condition occur when

57996. In Von-Neumann-or Princeton-type computers, the program

57997. In a digital system there are three inputs ABC. Output should be high when atleast two inputs are high. Then output =

57998. Which of them radiates emission?

57999. A full adder has two outputs SUM and CARRY.

58000. For the circuit shown in the figure, what is the frequency of the output Q?

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