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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1188

59401. For most metals, Fermi level EF is less than

59402. The spins in a ferrimagnetic material are

59403. The permeability of soft iron can be increased by

59404. All of the following elements have three valence electrons EXCEPT

59405. What is the function of silicon dioxide layer in MOSFETS?

59406. The modulation of effective base width by collector voltage is known as Early effect, hence reverse collector voltage

59407. Assertion (A): In intrinsic semiconductors, the charge concentration increases with temperature. Reason (R): At higher temperatures, the forbidden energy gap in semiconductors is lower.

59408. Covalent bond energy in Germanium is approximately

59409. Which is correct for a vacuum triode?

59410. The type of bond provided in brick masonry for carrying heavy loads is

59411. Secondary emission results

59412. Ohmic range of carbon composition resistors is

59413. The depletion layer consists of immobile ions.

59414. The output V-I characteristics of an Enhancement type MOSFET has

59415. A sample of N-type semiconductor has electron density of 6.25 x 1018/cm3 at 300k. If the intrinsic concentration of carriers in this sample is 2.5 x 1013/cm3 at this temperature the hole density works out to be

59416. Mobility is directly proportional to Hall coefficient.

59417. n channel FETs are better as compared to p-channel FET because

59418. An n channel depletion type MOSFET has

59419. In a JFET avalanche breakdown occurs when VDS = 22 V and VGS = 0. If VGS = -1 V, the avalanche breakdown will occur at

59420. The density of states (i.e. number of states per eV per m3) in the conduction band for energy level E is proportional to

59421. A-P type material has an acceptor ion concentration of 1 x 1016 per cm3. Its intrinsic carrier concentration is 1.48 x 1010/ cm. The hole and electron mobilities are 0.05m2/V-sec and 0.13 m2/V-sec respectively calculate the resistivity of the material

59422. Resistivity is a property of a semiconductor that depends on

59423. Operating point signifies that

59424. The triangular space formed between extra dos and horizontal line drawn through the crown of arch is called

59425. Assertion (A): In n-p-n transistor conduction is mainly due to electrons. Reason (R): In n type materials electrons are majority carriers.

59426. The factor n in the equation for calculating current for a silicon diode is

59427. An LED is

59428. An enhancement mode MOSFET is on when the gate voltage is

59429. For the n-type semiconductor with n = NP and P = , the hole concentration will fall below the intrinsic value because some of the holes

59430. For a junction FET in the pinch off region as the drain voltage is increased, the drain current

59431. To avoid thermal runaway in the design of an analog circuit, the operating point of the BJT should be such that it satisfies the condition.

59432. For a MOS capacitor fabricated on a P-type semiconductor, strong inversion occurs when

59433. The primary function of a clamper circuit is to

59434. Breakdown in dielectric may be

59435. AE 139 is a

59436. The function off an oxide layer in an IC device is to mask against diffusion or ion implantationinsulate the surface electricallyincrease the melting point of Siproduce a chemically stable protective layer

59437. The passage of current in an electrolyte is due to the movement of

59438. In a CE bipolar transistor operating in active region, collector current is independent of

59439. When a normal atom loses an electron

59440. The main purpose of using transformer coupling in a class A amplifier is to make it more

59441. The effective channel length of a MOSFET in saturation decreases with increase in

59442. Which of the following element does not have three valence electrons?

59443. Which of the following is used in the sterilization of water?

59444. Electrons within a metal have energy levels from zero to Fermi level EF.

59445. A Darlington emitter follower circuit is some times used in the output stage of a TTL gate in order to

59446. Assertion (A): At room temperature the fermi level in p type semiconductor lies nearer to the valence band and in n type semiconductor it lies nearer to the conduction band. Reason (R): At room temperature, the p type semiconductor is rich in holes and n type semiconductor is rich in electrons.

59447. The drift velocity of electrons and holes is proportional to electric field strength.

59448. In an n channel MOSFET, the substrate is connected

59449. Piezoelectric materials serves as a source of

59450. Which of the following is not a semiconductor?

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