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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1187

59351. In a solar cell, the photovoltaic voltages is the voltage at which the resultant current is

59352. The forbidden energy gap between the valence band and conduction band will be wide in case of

59353. At 0 K the forbidden energy gap in intrinsic semi conductor is about

59354. The resistance of a metallic wire would

59355. Before doping the semiconductor material is

59356. The atomic number of silicon is 14. It can be therefore concluded that

59357. X-rays cannot penetrate through a thick sheet of

59358. Ohmic range of metal film resistors is

59359. The current density J, free electron mobility μn, hole mobility μp , magnitude of free electron and hole concentration ni electric field E and charge on electron e, in intrinsic semiconductor are related as

59360. In order to achieve good stabilization in potential divider method current I1 through R1 and R2 should be

59361. A sample of N type semiconductor has electron density of 6.25 x 108/cm2 at 300 K. If the intrinsic concentration of carriers in this sample is 2.5 x 1013/cm3 at this temperature, the hole density works out to be

59362. Addition of 0.3 to 3.5% silicon to iron

59363. A bistable multivibrator

59364. Transconductance indicates the

59365. In n channel JFET, the gate voltage is made more negative

59366. Metals approach superconductivity conditions

59367. The phenomenon known as "Early effect" in a BJT refers to a reduction of the effective base width caused by

59368. At absolute zero temperature a semiconductor behaves like

59369. In a 741 OP-amp, there is 20 dB/decade fall-off starting at a relatively low frequency. This is due to

59370. Which of the following material can be used in cable shields?

59371. The charge of an electron is

59372. The on voltage and forward breakover voltage of an SCR depend on

59373. EG for silicon is 1.12 eV and that for germanium is 0.72 eV. Therefore, it can be concluded that

59374. Assertion (A): The resistivity of intrinsic semiconductor decreases with increase in temperature. Reason (R): The forbidden gap decreases with increase in temperature.

59375. Typical value of reverse current in a semiconductor diode is

59376. Which of the following element has four valence electrons?

59377. In a transistor operating in forward active mode

59378. In standard TTL, the 'totem pole' stage refers to

59379. In p type semiconductor, the hole concentration

59380. If 100 V is the peak voltage across the secondary of the transformer in a half-wave rectifier (without any filter circuit), then the maximum voltage on the reverse-biased diode is

59381. The O/P Power of a power amplifier is several times its input power. It is possible because

59382. In p type semiconductor holes are majority carriers.

59383. Due to the formation of Schottky defects the density of the crystal

59384. The band gap of silicon at 300K is

59385. The current due to thermionic emission is given by Richardson Dushman equation.

59386. The thermionic emission current is given by

59387. In forward active region, the operation of a BJT

59388. The conductivity of a semiconductor crystal due to any current carrier is not proportional to

59389. A P-N junction diode dynamic conductance is directly proportional to

59390. The Ni-Zn ferrites are used for audio and TV transformers is that

59391. Hall's effect can be used to measure

59392. For insulators the energy gap is of the order of

59393. When electronic emission occurs due to bombardment of high velocity electrons on a metal surface, it is called secondary emission.

59394. The reverse saturation current depends on the reverse bias.

59395. One electron volt is equivalent to

59396. Resistivity of electrical conductors is most affected by

59397. Wiedemann-Franz law correlates

59398. Holes and electrons move in opposite directions.

59399. The energy of one quantum of light equal to hf.

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