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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1191

59551. The output, V-I characteristics of an Enhancement type MOSFET has

59552. Piezoelectric quartz crystal resonators find application where

59553. The forbidden energy gap between the valence band and conduction band will be least in case of

59554. If too large current passes through the diode

59555. Figure shows the terminals of a transistor in plastic package TO 18. Then

59556. The network shown in the figure represents a

59557. In a bipolar transistor, the emitter base junction has

59558. Which of these has semi-conductor metal junction?

59559. The ripple factor of power supply is a measure of

59560. Assertion (A): When light falls at junction of p-n photodiode, its p side becomes positive and n side becomes negative. Reason (R): When a photodiode is short circuited, the current in the external circuit flows from p side to n side.

59561. In what condition does BJT act like an open switch

59562. Manometer is used to measure

59563. A power supply has full-load voltage of 20 V. What will be its no load voltage when its voltage regulation is 100%

59564. For a photo conductor with equal electron and hole mobilities and perfect ohmic contacts at the ends, an increase in the intensities of optical illumination results in

59565. Holes act like

59566. Assertion (A): Silicon is less sensitive to changes in temperature than germanium. Reason (R): It is more difficult to produce minority carriers in silicon than in germanium.

59567. The number of protons in a silicon atom is

59568. The emitter follower is widely used in electronic instrument because

59569. 1 atmospheric pressure is equivalent to

59570. An amplifier with resistive -ve feedback has two left poles in its open loop transfer function. The amplifier

59571. Amplification of ultrasonic waves is possible in a piezoelectric semiconductor under applied electric field. The basic phenomenon involved is known as

59572. For a junction FET in the pinch off region, as the drain voltage is increased, the drain current

59573. For a BJT, under the saturation region.

59574. In which mode of BJT operation are both junctions reverse biased?

59575. The greatest invention of man in palaeolithic age was?

59576. Ferrities are particularly suited for high frequency applications because of their

59577. In intrinsic semiconductor, the fermi level

59578. Electromagnetic waves transport

59579. In a forward biased p-n junction current enters p material as hole current and leaves n material as electron current of the same magnitude.

59580. When P-N junction is in forward bias, by increasing the battery voltage

59581. A semiconductor in its purest form called

59582. Which of the following is an active device?

59583. Assertion (A): The forward dynamic resistance of p-n diode varies inversely with current. Reason (R): The forward dynamic resistance of p-n diode varies with the operating voltage.

59584. If E (i.e., available energy state) = EF(i.e., Fermi level), then probability that state E will be occupied is 0.5 for any temperature T.

59585. Multi-national means:?

59586. In LED the radiation is in

59587. The rate of change of excess carrier density is proportional to carrier density.

59588. Half turn stair change their direction through

59589. The main reason why Ni-Zn ferrites are used for audio and T.V. transformers is that

59590. Assertion (A): Intrinsic semiconductor is an insulator at 0 K. Reason (R): Fermi level in intrinsic semiconductor is in the centre of forbidden energy band.

59591. Typical values of h parameters at about 1 mA collector current for small signal audio amplifier in CE configuration are :

59592. A CMOS amplifier when compared to an N-channel. MOSFET, has the advantage of

59593. Dynamic resistance of diode is

59594. The presence of some holes in an intrinsic semiconductor at room temperature is due to

59595. Voltage series feedback (Also called series-shunt feedback) results in

59596. How many free electrons does a p type semiconductor has?

59597. Which of the following has highest resistivity?

59598. Assertion (A): In p-n-p transistor collector current is termed negative. Reason (R): In p-n-p transistor holes are majority carriers.

59599. The sensitivity of human eyes is maximum at

59600. In a bipolar transistor, the base collector junction has

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