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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1192

59601. An intrinsic silicon sample has 1 million free electrons at room temperature. As the temperature is increased

59602. What is the necessary a.c. input power from the transformer secondary used in a half wave rectifier to deliver 500 W of d.c. power to the load?

59603. In a semi-conductor diode, the barrier offers opposition to

59604. In a half wave rectifier, the load current flows

59605. For a NPN bipolar transistor, what is the main stream of current in the base region?

59606. Assertion (A): A VMOS can handle much larger current than other field effect transistors. Reason (R): In a VMOS the conducting channel is very narrow.

59607. In monolithic ICs, all the components are fabricated by

59608. Which one of the following is not a characteristic of a ferroelectric material?

59609. In case of photo conductor for germanium when forbidden energy gap is 0.72 eV, the critical wavelength for intrinsic excitation will be

59610. In the sale of diamonds the unit of weight is carat. One carat is equal to

59611. R.M.S. value of the waveform shown will be

59612. The effect of current shunt feedback in an amplifier is to

59613. Assertion (A): A JFET can be used as a current source. Reason (R): In beyond pinch off region the current in JFET is nearly constant.

59614. Permalloy is

59615. Which of the following could be the maximum current rating of junction diode by 126?

59616. Each cell of a static Random Access memory contains

59617. An electron in the conduction band

59618. The magnetization 'm' of a superconductor in a field of H is

59619. The number of free electrons in acceptor atom is

59620. Maximum rectification efficiency for a half wave rectifier is

59621. For a semiconductor, the conductivity is a function of the products of the number of charge carriers and their mobilites. As result, if the temperature of a slab of intrinsic silicon increases, how does its conductivity vary?

59622. In a junction transistor, the collector cut-off current 'ICB0' reduces considerably by doping the

59623. A Schottky diode clamp is used along with a switching BJT for

59624. The first dominant pole encountered in the frequency response of a compensated op-amp is approximately at

59625. In which medium speed of sound is more?

59626. The kinetic energy of free electrons in a metal is (where k is de-Broglie wave number of the electrons)

59627. Intrinsic concentration of charge carriers in a semiconductor varies as

59628. The dynamic resistance of a forward biased p-n diode

59629. A thermistor is a

59630. When diodes are connected in series to increase voltage rating the peak inverse voltage per junction

59631. Hall effect is observed in a specimen when it is carrying current and is placed in a magnetic field. The resultant electric field inside the specimen is

59632. In an ideal diode there is no breakdown, no __________ current, and no forward __________ drop.

59633. Silicon is not suitable for fabrication of light emitting diodes because it is

59634. MOSFET can be used as a

59635. Power diodes are generally

59636. The inductance of a single layer solenoid of 10 turns is 5 μH. Which one of the following is the correct value of inductance when the number of turns is 20 and the length is doubled.

59637. The depletion layer width of Junction

59638. Forbidden energy gap in germanium at 0 K is about

59639. Light dependent resistors are

59640. Fermi level is the amount of energy in which

59641. When avalanche breakdown occurs covalent bonds are not affected.

59642. In p channel JFET, VGS is positive.

59643. Human body cannot sustain electric current beyond

59644. To produce p type semiconductor we add

59645. The term efficacy, is defined by

59646. The addition of p type impurity to intrinsic material creates allowable energy levels.

59647. An ideal Op-amp is an ideal

59648. Free electrons exist in

59649. Resistivity of copper is nearly

59650. As compared to bipolar junction transistor, a FET

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