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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1190

59501. With an ac input from 50 Hz power line, the ripple frequency is

59502. For an insulating material, dielectric strength and dielectric loss should be respectively

59503. Semiconductors have

59504. The dipole moment per unit volume as a function of E in the case of an insulator is given by (symbols have the usual meaning).

59505. The I/P impedance (Zi) and the O/P impedance (Zo) of an ideal trans conductance (Voltage controlled current source) amplifier are

59506. The relation between thermionic emission current and temperature is known as

59507. Assertion (A): When forward biased a p-n junction has low resistance. Reason (R): The ratio is called dynamic resistance.

59508. Assertion (A): JFET is a voltage controlled device. Reason (R): The drain current can be controlled by controlling VGS.

59509. For a P-N junction diode, the current in reverse bias may be

59510. Greatest mobility can be expected in case of

59511. An enhancement mode MOSFET is off when the gate voltage is

59512. When atoms are held together by the sharing of valence electrons

59513. Thermal runaway is not possible in FET, because as the temperature of FET increases.

59514. Which of the following pairs of semiconductors and current carriers is correctly matched?

59515. If E is energy level of electron and EF is Fermi level, then

59516. In the equation i = I0 (eV/ηVT - 1), VT =

59517. The range of life time carriers (electrons and holes) is

59518. In the forward blocking region of a silicon, controlled rectifier, the SCR is

59519. Which of the following is a passive component?

59520. From an n channel JFET for VDS constant and if VGS is made more negative, pinch off would occur at

59521. The diode and the moving coil milliammeter of figure are assumed to be ideal. The meter reading is

59522. Which of these is an angle measuring instrument?

59523. The V-I characteristic of a semi-conductor diode is shown in figure. From this figure it can be concluded that

59524. The process of deliberately adding impurity to a semi-conductor material is called

59525. The electron and hole concentration in a intrinsic semiconductor are ni and Pi respectively when doped with a P type material, these change to n and P, respectively. Then

59526. The energy to cause thermionic emission is supplied by heating the cathode.

59527. Assertion (A): In an n-p-n transistor as the electrons enter the collector region, they are accelerated towards the collector terminal. Reason (R): Emitter base junction in BJT is forward biased.

59528. Assertion (A): In reverse biased p-n junction, the reverse saturation current is nearly constant if the reverse voltage is less than critical value. Reason (R): The total reverse current is sum of reverse saturation current and surface leakage current.

59529. The mass of an electron is nearly

59530. Assertion (A): In a Schottky diode the reverse recovery time is almost zero. Reason (R): A Schottky diode has aluminium silicon junction.

59531. The drain characteristics of JFET are drawn between

59532. Which of the following expressions may be used to correctly describe the temperature (T) variation of the intrinsic carrier density (ni) of a semiconductor?

59533. Electrical contact materials used in switches, brushes and relays must possess

59534. A JFET behaves as a constant current source when

59535. The effect of a finite gain of operational amplifier used in an integrator is that

59536. The ripple factor from a capacitor filter __________ as the load resistance __________ .

59537. Of the various capacitances associated with a junction transistor the gain bandwidth product is affected to maximum extend by

59538. Choose proper substitutes for x and y to make the following statement correct. Tunnel diode, Avalanche photodiode are operated in x bias and y bias respectively.

59539. Assertion (A): When a zener diode breakdown, occurs the voltage across it is constant. Reason (R): The upper limit of zener current is determined by power handling capacity.

59540. Consider the following statements An iron cored choke is a nonlinear device.A carbon resistor kept in a sunlight is a time - invariant and passive device.A dry cell is a time - varying and active device.An air capacitor is a time - invariant and passive device Of these statements

59541. If 10 V is the peak voltage across the secondary of the transformer in a half wave rectifier (without any filter circuit), then the maximum voltage on the reverse biased diode will be

59542. In energy band diagram of p type semiconductor the acceptor energy level is

59543. Given a power supply filter circuit, what measurements must be made of determine percentage regulation

59544. When the gate terminal of MOSFET is positive, it is said to operate in

59545. The product kT (where k is Boltzmann's constant and T is absolute temperature) at room temperature is about

59546. If E is energy level of electron and EF is fermi level, and T = 0 and E > EF, then

59547. Which variety of copper has the best conductivity?

59548. The number of valence electrons in a silicon atom is

59549. In a JFET VDS exceeds the rated value. Then it operates in

59550. Which type of line is particular to section drawing?

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