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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1200

60001. In the given figure . The damping coefficient for the given circuit is __________ .

60002. Consider the circuit The line 1 is at stuck at '0' then output Z is equal to:

60003. In a infinite ladder circuit as shown above each resistance of r Ω then find RAB

60004. A 16 bit type ADC uses 1 MHz clock its maximum conversion time is __________ .

60005. A 300 MHz plane EM wave is propagating in free space. The wave is incident normally on an infinite copper slap. The antenuation constant for the wave is (σcopper = 5.8 x 107 mho/ m)

60006. Transmitted voltage level is:

60007. Which of the following is neither power nor energy signal?

60008. A periodic voltage has following values for equal time intervals changing suddenly from one value to next : 0, 5, 10, 20, 50, 60, 50, 20, 10, 5, 0, - 5, - 10 etc. What would be the RMS value of a sine wave having the same peak value as that of the above mentioned periodic wave?

60009. Px(X) = M exp(- 2 |x|) + N exp(- 3 |x|) is the probability density function for the real random variable X, over the entire x axis. M and N are both positive real numbers. The equation relating M and N is

60010. The retreating monsoon withdraws itself from:?

60011. The open loop transfer function of a unity feedback control system is given as The phase cross over frequency and the gain margin are respectively.

60012. Who among the following is most famous for building large number of canals for irrigation?

60013. Find current i.

60014. In a J-K FF we have J = Q and K = 1. Assuming the FF was initially cleared and then clocked for 6 pulses, the sequence at the Q output will be

60015. The following sequence represents autocorrelation of a real valued signal. The energy of real valued sequence is given by __________ x(n) = {1, _, 3, _, 5, _, 7, _, 9, 10, _, 8, _, 6, _, 4, _, 2, _} ↑

60016. The Vs is given by

60017. The current I in the circuit shown in

60018. The magnitude plot of a composite signal x(t) = e3jt + e4jt is __________ .

60019. Which of the following equations satisfy Maxwell's equations?

60020. Conversion rate, for a successive approximation ADC which uses 2 MHz clock and 5 bit binary ladder containing 8 VV reference voltage is __________ .

60021. V(t) across R2 for t > 0 is given by,

60022. The rms value of the periodic waveform e(t) shown in fig. is

60023. Which one of the following was not an Indus Valley Civilization site?

60024. The B.S.E. Sensex is based on the price movement for how many shares?

60025. For the circuit shown in the following figure, transistors M1 and M2 are identical NMOS transistors. Assume that M2 is in saturation and the output is unloaded The current Ix is related to Ibias as

60026. The Great Bath of the Indus Valley Civilization was discovered in?

60027. The Constitution of India borrowed the scheme of Indian Federation from the Constitution of?

60028. A signal with ± 10 V ranged and 1 KHz band width is being digitized using a sample and hold circuit and a 10 bit quantizer. The quantization step is :

60029. The time constant of the network shown in figure is

60030. For the 8085 assembly language program given below, the content of the accumulator after the execution of the program is

60031. Consider the following BJT circuit: hie = 2 k ohm hfe = 100 hre = 2.5 x 10-4 The value of Ri is :

60032. One of a loss-less transmission line having the characteristic impedance of 75 Ω and length of 1cm is short-circuit. At 3 GHz, the input impedance at the other end of the transmission line is

60033. . The signal is __________ .

60034. The electric field of uniform plane wave is given by E = 20 sin (2 p x 108t- p z) x + 20 cos (2 p x 108t - p z) y. The polarization of wave is

60035. In which country was the ‘dodo’ bird found’?

60036. The Z-transform of a particular signal is given as X(Z) = where This system after practical implementation will be

60037. The JFET in the circuit shown in figure has an IDSS = 10 mA and Vp = -5 V. The value of the resistance Rs for a drain current IDS = 6.4 mA is (select the nearest value)

60038. In the circuit s closed for a long time and steady state is reached. s is opened at t = 0+ Determine current through resistor.

60039. The logic circuit given below converts a binary code y1 y2, y3 into

60040. A system described by the following differential equation is initially at rest. For input x(t) - 2u(t), the output y(t) is :

60041. A transmission line terminates in two branches, each of length λ/4, as shown. The branches are terminated by 50Ω loads. The lines are lossless and have the characteristics impedances shown. Determine the impedance Z1 as seen by the source

60042. The Nyquist plot of

60043. The counter shown in figure is built using 4 negative edge triggered toggle FFs. The FFs can be set synchronously when R = 0. The combinational logic required to realize a modulo 13 counter is

60044. Consider the following statements a half adder. As a half subtractor alsohas two outputs CH = x x y and Sn = x ⊕ y for two inputs x and yhas two outputs CH = x + y and SH = x ⊕ y for two inputs x and yis a combinational circuit Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

60045. The expression given is F(A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H) = Σ(33, 48, 102, 158, 222, 229, 233, 243, 255); then the __________ and __________ minterms are grouped together into dual and variable __________ is reduced using the dual

60046. If for certain x(t), the Fourier transform is: Then for x(2t) the Fourier transform will be:

60047. The circuit I in figure is

60048. In x = the value of x is

60049. The Z-inverse of the given Z-transform is __________

60050. Find the Fourier transform of the half cosine pulse as shown below :

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