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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1237

61851. Panel type instruments are used in

61852. Which of the following can be used for measuring capacitance?

61853. Assertion (A): In a CRT, grid is kept at negative potential with respect to cathode.Reason (R): The function of grid in an electronic tube is to control the number of electrons.

61854. For measuring current at a high frequency we should use

61855. A moving iron instrument can be used for dc as well as ac.

61856. Two wattmeter method of 3-phase power measurement can be used to find

61857. The multiplier resistance and meter coil in a voltmeter are in

61858. The adjustment of position of shading bands, in an energy meter, is done to provide

61859. The numbers of accelerating anodes in a CRO is

61860. Consider the following statements regarding phase sensitive detector The detector reads zero when phases of input signal and reference signal are different.The detector acts as a linear rectifier.The detector can be used as vector voltmeter. Of the above statements which are correct?

61861. In a Weston synchronoscope, the moving coil is connected across

61862. The coding system generally used in digital telemetry is

61863. The advantage of semiconductor strain gauge over resistance strain gauge is

61864. The advantage of LVDT over inductive bridge type transducer is that

61865. In a Weston synchronoscope the deflecting torque is zero when

61866. Assertion (A): Megger is used to check insulation resistance of cables. Reason (R): Insulation resistance of cables is very high.

61867. Assertion (A): A power factor meter operates on dynamometer principle. Reason (R): A power factor meter does not have a control spring.

61868. Assertion (A): A radiation pyrometer is very suitable for high temperature measurement.Reason (R): When temperature is high, a physical contact between hot body and thermometer is not desirable.

61869. The output of a Piezoelectric crystal has

61870. The pressure coil of a wattmeter should be connected to the supply side of the current coil when

61871. A universal RLC bridge uses

61872. If φsh is flux of shunt magnet, φse is flux of series magnet, ish is eddy current due to φse, the torque in an induction wattmeter is proportional to

61873. If C is spring constant and θ is deflection, controlling torque is

61874. The operating voltage of a megger is about

61875. An ohmmeter is a

61876. Loading effect is primarily caused by instruments having

61877. Capacitive transducer is superior to inductive type for measurement of capacitance because of

61878. Which of the following effects is used in measurement of magnetic flux?

61879. Assertion (A): The sign and magnitude of displacement can be measured by an LVDT.Reason (R): LVDT is based on the principle of mutual inductance.

61880. In Maxwell's bridge the unknown inductance is measured by comparing it with a standard capacitor.

61881. Magnetic deflection sensitivity is defined as

61882. Which of the following is active transducer?

61883. Which is the displacement transducer with excellent sensitivity, linearity and resolution?

61884. The accuracy of a multimeter is about

61885. Induction wattmeter is an absolute instrument.

61886. In a current transformers

61887. The time base of a high frequency CRO whose screen diameter is 10 cm is set at 10 μ sec/cm. The lowest frequency which can be fully displayed on the screen is

61888. Eddy currents are essential for the deflecting torque of an induction wattmeter.

61889. Gauge factor of a strain gauge is

61890. Assertion (A): Capacitance effect can be used to measure thickness of sheets, displacement and pressure.Reason (R): Capacitance between two plates depends on the area of plates, distance between plates and permittivity of medium.

61891. The total insulation resistance consists of insulation volume resistance and surface leakage resistance.

61892. Assertion (A): Energy meters use induction principle.Reason (R): Induction wattmeter is less accurate than a dynamometer wattmeter.

61893. A dynamometer wattmeter can be used for

61894. If low pressure of 10-6 mm of Hg is required to be measured, we should use

61895. A transducer must have

61896. If two time varying signals of equal magnitude and zero phase displacement are applied to X and Y plates respectively; of CRO, the display will be

61897. Wagner earthing device is used to eliminate error due to

61898. RTD is generally suitable for temperature up to

61899. To measure moisture in wood, the most suitable method is

61900. An E transformer is a

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