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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1242

62101. Consider the following statements about Java variables Java variable must start with a letter or underscore or dollor sign.Java variable can not start with a digit.After the first character the variable can have any combination of letters or numbers.Capitalization of letters must be consistent. Which of the above are correct?

62102. A microprocessor is generally

62103. Consider the following program in C

int k;
float a, b, c;
k = a b c / 100 + 2.5 / 2 - 0.3 9 if a - 5.0, b = 2.0 and c = 3.0 the final result k =

62104. A computer program is used to read N and print the sum 12 + 22 + 32 +.....+ N2. If N = 10, the print out will show the number

62105. Which of the following arithmetic operations requires only one operand in FORTRAN 77?

62106. The longest chain line passing through the center of the area is known as:

62107. Which of the following array names is invalid in Fortran 77?

62108. A nibble corresponds to

62109. Consider the following statements An assembler is a program having assembly language program as input and machine language program as output.A macro assembler is an assembler with additional macro facilities.A cross assembler for a μP X is an assembler which executes on source microcomputer with a different CPU than X bit generates code for X.Assemblers generally do not provide macro facilities. Of the above statement

62110. A computer window has a bar at its top to bear the name of window. This bar is called

62111. Read the following statements about files in Pascal A file can grow or shrink dynamically.A file which consists of only characters is called text file.Text files may be read and written using standard Pascal READ and WRITE procedures.Every file must have a beginning but may or may not have an end. Which of the above are correct?

62112. If word length is 16 bits the decimal equivalent of largest number which can be stored is

62113. For the floating point numbers 1.81 x 10-29 and 0.0152 x 1018 the normalised forms are

62114. In computers the secondary memory is faster than primary memory.

62115. Consider the following in C An arithmetic operation between integer and an integer gives integer as the result.An arithmetic operation between a real and a real constant gives real constant as the result.An arithmetic operation between an integer constant and a real constant is not valid. Which of the above are correct?

62116. Binary storage of decimal number 44 in 8 bits is

62117. LET JCOKE = 11 and LPEPSI = 19. Consider the statement

IF (JCOKE - LPEPSI) 5, 5, 7

The value of JCOKE after the execution of above statement will be

62118. Which of the following is operating system?

62119. A modem is connected to PC at

62120. Assertion (A): The data bus and address bus of 8085 are multiplexed. Reason (R): Multiplexing reduces the number of pins.

62121. Consider the following statements about 'Functions' in C A function can be called any number of times.A function gets called when the function name is followed by a semicolon.The order in which functions are defined in a program and the order in which they are called must be the same. Which of the above statements are correct?

62122. A failure rate of 0.01 percent in 1000 hours in a memory corresponds to an MTBF of

62123. Which of the following is not a valid real constant?

62124. Consider the expression b = acd (xz). The correct C statement for above expression is

62125. Which is a valid Java variable?

62126. When we use RRC instruction once in 8085, the number is

62127. Read the following statements about sets If A and B are sets then A + B denotes union of sets A and B.The union of A and B is that set whose elements are in either A or B or both.If A and B are sets, then difference of sets A and B is denoted by A - B.A - B in the set obtained by removing elements of A from B. Which of the above are true?

62128. Assertion (A): In 8085 WR and RD signals are active high.Reason (R): LOW WR means write operation and low RD means read operation.

62129. Which of the following is not treated as hexadecimal constant by assembler in 8085?

62130. Which of the following real expressions is correct in Pascal?

62131. Each cell of static RAM contains

62132. Which group of instructions is used to change sequence of operations in a computer program?

62133. In 8085, which instructions are useful for writing and using subroutines?

62134. In a RAM chip with a total of 8096 words, the word addresses range from

62135. The loops ' for , 'while' , 'do-while' are used in

62136. Which of the following is not a valid arithmetic statement in C?

62137. The symbol ! in Java means

62138. Java's syntax is based on

62139. The memory segment registers in 8086 are denoted by

62140. The normalised form of 0.0152 x 1018 is

62141. Which of these are allowed in Basic?

62142. In 8085 eight address and data buses are multiplexed.

62143. Consider the following expressions in Java int a, b, c,
a = 40;
b = a++ ;
c = ++a ; Now the values of a, b, c are

62144. Which of the following is not correct in C?

62145. Which is not a software?

62146. Which of the following integer expressions is incorrect in Pascal?

62147. Accumulator is an 8 bit register and is also known as register B.

62148. The signal in 8086 are in minimum mode when

62149. If it is desired to tabulate number of students in a class in Fortran language, a proper variable name is

62150. Let JCOKE = 20 and LPEPSI =15. Consider the statement


The value of JCOKE after the execution of above statement will be

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