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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1243

62151. In Pascal if I = 45, I div 10 10 =

62152. X COPY is an internal DOS command.

62153. The number of logic or arithmetic operations with ALU 1C 74181 can carry out is

62154. 6 bytes means

62155. In the integer expression - A B div C + D which operation is done first in Pascal

62156. In Pascal if I = 55, 10 I div 10 =

62157. In FORTRAN 77 IFIX (-73.2) gives the value

62158. LPEPSI = 2
GOT TO (3, 5, 9, 11, 13, 17, 21, 23) LPEPSI

After the execution of above statement the control is transferred to statement number

62159. Which of the following is not an application software?

62160. Which of the following is not a DTP program?

62161. Which of the following array names in Fortran 77 is invalid?

62162. E-mail can be used to send text, graphics, and video.

62163. Which of the following is a valid integer variable in FORTRAN 77?

62164. Which of the following instruction modes does not exist in microprocessor 8085?

62165. The S (sign) flag is set when the contents of accumulator become negative during an operation.

62166. Which of the following is not a proper FORTRAN expression?

62167. Which of the following is invalid integer variable name in Fortran?

62168. A microprocessor can understand instruction written in

62169. Which language has a preprocessor?

62170. In a display specified as 600 x 400 the number of pixels across the display screen is

62171. Consider the following DO statement in Fortran 77

DO 12 A = 1.0, 5.5, 0.5

The number of DO loop executions in the above statement is

62172. Which of the following real expressions is incorrect in Pascal?

62173. The instruction MVI A, 20 in 8085 means

62174. The two orientations of worksheet page are called

62175. The correct form of expression B3 -2 A C in FORTRAN 77 is

62176. If RADIUS = 3.0 the result of the following FORTRAN 77 program will be

PI = 3.1416

62177. Which one is not a valid subscripted variable?

62178. The number of computer viruses is some thousands.

62179. If 8085 is required to add two 32 bit numbers, the numbers of addition sequences is

62180. Incompatibility between memory and I/O device may be due to

62181. When the mains supply is switched off the contents of primary computer memory are lost.

62182. 8255 A is a

62183. The length of character constant P . b b . E . b C . is

62184. ALE stands for

62185. The standard FORTRAN exponential form of decimal number 0.0000437 is

62186. In FORTRAN 77 FLOAT (-28) gives the value

62187. Fortran 77, C and Pascal are high level languages.

62188. Consider the following statement in FORTRAN 77

READ, [X(I) Y(I) = 0, 3, 2]

Which of the following is correct?

62189. In the Vedic society the term used to denote a group of families was:?

62190. Assertion (A): If contents of F register in 8085 are 01010001, it means S = 0, Z = 1, AC= 1, P = 0 and CY = 1.Reason (R): When an instruction is called from memory, the op. code of instruction is stored in instruction register.

62191. The combination of registers in 8085 is B-C, D-E, H-L only.

62192. An instruction used to set cany flag in a computer is classified as

62193. In FORTRAN 77 the total number of characters in a variable can be a maximum of

62194. The relational operators allowed in Pascal are

62195. In 8086 the instruction ADD AL, CH means

62196. Almost all high level languages have provision for logical operations.

62197. In which of the following 8085 instructions is the CY flag complemented?

62198. Consider the following mnemonics
  1. MOV
  2. ADD
  3. LXI
Which of the above are valid for 8085?

62199. A memory system has a 9 chips. If MTBF of one clip is 900 000 hours, MTBF of complete memory system is

62200. If X = - 285.56 and the Pascal write statement used is WRITE (X : 8). Then the print out will appear as

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