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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1244

62201. For the Infix expression A + B - C + D the Postfix notation is

62202. Which of the following is also called handshaking programmed data transfer?

62203. The total station instrument is a:

62204. An arithmetic statement in C must be

62205. In EPROM integrated dose is defined as

62206. MS outlook is a software for DTP.

62207. In 8086 a word OA 50 FH is stored in 02 and 03 memory locations. Then

62208. Cache memory size is about

62209. In the words Kb or Mb used describing memory capacity, the letter b denotes

62210. In Fortran 77 negation is a unary operation.

62211. Power Point is a presentation software.

62212. In the expression a = 5 2 / 3.2 + 4 / 8 - 2 + 5 / 9 which operation will have the first priority in C?

62213. MS Excel is an application software for financial planning.

62214. Assertion (A): C has 32 keywords like auto, if, do, float etc.Reason (R): Key words can not be used as variable names in C.

62215. Consider the following statements A total of about 1 million bytes can be directly accessed by 8086 microprocessor.The 8086 has thirteen 16 bit registers.The 8086 has eight flags.Compared to 8086, the 80286 provides a higher degree of memory protection. Of the above statements

62216. Consider the following program for 8085


The contents of accumulator at the end of this program will be

62217. In Pascal the repeat and while loops will terminate

62218. Which of the following statements is non-executable in FORTRAN 77?

62219. In C the range of real constants expressed in exponential form is

62220. Assertion (A): The 'do while' statement is used less frequently than the 'while' statement.Reason (R): For most applications it is more natural to test for continuation of loop at the beginning than at the end of loop.

62221. Consider the following in C

int k
float a ;
k = 4.2
a = 300 The values stored in computer memory for k and a are respectively

62222. The statement IMPLICIT INTEGER (A - F) in FORTRAN identifies

62223. Assertion (A): C has a large number of library functions classified as arithmetic functions, data conversion functions, character classified functions, string manipulation functions, searching and sorting functions etc.Reason (R): 8086 uses a segment : offset addressing scheme.

62224. The box on the external left of the title bar of menu is called control menu box.

62225. The maximum number of characters for variable names in C is

62226. An 8 bit wide 4 word sequential memory has

62227. Assertion (A): A PROM is a user programmable ROM.Reason (R): After programming PROM behaves like ROM.

62228. The operator precedence in Java is in the order

62229. A colour monitor usign 16 bits at a resolution of 600 x 400 pixels needs a memory of

62230. Read the following statements as regards register pairs in microprocessor 8085B represents B, C pair with B as high order register and C as low order register.D represents D, E pair with D as high order register and E as low order register.H represents H, L pair with H as high order register and L as low order register. Which of the above statements are correct?

62231. The 8085 instruction 'PUSH PSW' belongs to the group

62232. Assertion (A): In C it is possible for functions to call themselves.Reason (R): C makes use of 'Pointers'.

62233. In IC 74181 a sum greater than 15 leads to low carry out.

62234. Assertion (A): In 8085, the zero flag is set when ALU operation results in 0. If the result is not 0, this flag is reset.Reason (R): In 8085 the S flag is set when the contents of accumulator become negative during execution of an instruction.

62235. The operations which occur most frequently in a computer are

62236. The addressing mode depicted in the given figure is

62237. The number of primitive string operations in 8086 is

62238. If the resolution of a printer is 1200 dpi, the number of dots per square inch is

62239. Which of these are 16 bit microprocessors?

62240. For 8 bit representation the minimum positive and minimum negative numbers are

62241. In which of the following 8085 instructions are all condition flags except CY affected?

62242. One T state is precisely equal to one clock period.

62243. Assertion (A): A good algorithm should be fast, require minimal computer memory and time.Reason (R): Many times an algorithm is prepared in the form of a flow chart.

62244. Programs like compilers, assemblers etc. are stored in a mircocomputer in

62245. When performing numerical calculations in floating point arithmetic Error may occur due to finite representation of numbers.Error may occur due to rounding.Error may occur due to finite representation of inherently infinite process. Which of the above are correct?

62246. The number of registers and flags in 8086 are

62247. ALU 1C 74181 can accept two words each having

62248. Which of the following is not a legal subscript?

62249. The instruction MOV M, r in 8085

62250. Which of the following characters is allowed in variable names in C?

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