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62401. When a peripheral device is not ready for data transfer it will send to the microprocessor a

62402. Assertion (A): In microprocessor 8085 DMA allows direct access to memory to speed up data transfer.Reason (R): HOLD and HLDA signals are used for DMA operations.

62403. Which of the following is not a valid variable in FORTRAN 77?

62404. The expression A B / C + D is equivalent to

62405. Consider the following symbolsLetters A to Z and a to zDigits 0 to 9Logical operators and, or, notParenthesis ( ) Which of the above symbols are available in Pascal?

62406. Which of the following 8085 instructions does not belong to arithmetic group?

62407. In which of the following 8085 instructions is the 8 bit number in accumulator adjusted to form two four bit BCD numbers

62408. In 8085 the address space size is

62409. In 8085 the instruction MOV A, B is an example of

62410. Pagemaker is an application software for DTP.

62411. Assertion (A): Logical group of instructions contains instructions for logic operations.Reason (R): Data transfer group instruction is basically a copying instruction.

62412. Assertion (A): C allows the use of logical operators, AND, OR, NOT.Reason (R): C has logical operators as well as bitwise operators like AND, OR etc.

62413. The read and write cycle times of cache memory are in the range of

62414. In 8086

62415. In which of the following logical group instructions of 8085 do the contents of accumulator remain unchanged?

62416. If quadratic equation x2 - 1000x + 25 = 0 is solved using floating point arithmetic with 4 digit mantissa, the roots are

62417. In 8085 the data is stored in the stack on

62418. The organisatioion of Intel memory chip 127256 is

62419. In a micro computer the control bus

62420. Read the following statements about time and space requirements of microprocessors Space requirement is also known as memory requirement.Space requirement is expressed in terms of bytes.Time requirement is expressed in terms of states.Time requirement is expressed in terms of μ- s. Which of the above statements are correct?

62421. Assertion (A): Microprocessor 8085 has facility of interrupt control.Reason (R): TRAP, RST 7.5, RST 6.5, RST 5.5 and 1NTR are interrupt signals in 8085.

62422. Which characteristics of a memory chip is called dc characteristics?

62423. RAM is a volatile memory device.

62424. Consider the following strings AZ2X3YP12RBX Which of the above strings are valid in Pascal?

62425. Consider the following statementsIn 8085 address and data buses are multiplexed.In Z 80 address and data buses are multiplexedIn Z 80 address and data buses are not multiplexed.Z 80 has 16 bit address bus and 8 bit data bus. Which of the above statements are correct?

62426. The stack pointer holds the address of the desired memory location.

62427. Assertion (A): Microprocessor 8085 has 16 address bus lines and 8 data bus lines.Reason (R): Address bus in 8085 is unidirectional.

62428. IC 74181 has two select lines.

62429. Plug and play is a hardware specification.

62430. If the absolute value of a number is less than decimal 1, the sign of exponent in floating point representation is

62431. Which of the following is not a library string function in C?

62432. An instruction using immediate addressing mode in 8085 is

62433. Consider the following statements about 8085 The instruction LDA uses direct addressing mode.The instruction MVI uses direct addressing mode.The instruction MVI uses immediate addressing mode.The instruction LDA uses immediate addressing mode. Which of the above are correct?

62434. Consider the directive T : DS105. This directive

62435. Which of the following is not a valid logical expression in Pascal?

62436. The process of determining the present value of a building is called:

62437. As compared to operating current, the current drawn by a memory chip in stand by mode is

62438. Which characteristic of a memory chip is called ac characteristics?

62439. Which of the following alphanumeric characters is not allowed in Basic?

62440. A machine cycle has one clock cycle.

62441. Which is not a valid dimension statement?

62442. For Disk partitioning th DOS command is

62443. In 8085 the instruction MOV A, M is an example of

62444. Assertion (A): Magnetic tape can be accessed only sequentially.Reason (R): Magnetic tape consists of magnetised spots or tracks.

62445. Assertion (A): Most PCs use static RAM for main memory.Reason (R): Static RAM is faster than dynamic RAM.

62446. Consider the following statements A 33 MHz 486 has higher MIPS than 33 MHz 386.A 33 MHz 486 has higher MFLOPS than 33 MHz 386 of these statements.

62447. Assertion (A): A two byte instruction of 8085 has an operation code in first byte and operand / address in the second byte.Reason (R): If an instruction is too long it is possible to reduce its length by a number of methods.

62448. In computers the size of secondary memory is usually much larger than that of primary memory.

62449. The method of quantity surveying used in Government Departments:

62450. Which of the following directives in 8085 causes two bytes to be reserved in the memory?

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