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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1247

62351. The instruction MOV r1, r2 in 8085

62352. Assertion (A): The variable name 5KING is not valid in Fortran 77.Reason (R): In Fortran 77 the first character of a variable name must be an alphabet.

62353. Which 8085 instruction causes exchange of contents of stack pointer with the contents of H L register pair?

62354. The four types of integers in Java are called

62355. Consider the following statements about data structures in Pascal Arrays and files are types of data structures.List structure is not a data structure in Pascal.Each element of a binary tree is called a node of the tree. Which of the above are statements correct?

62356. In the expression 3 2 4 2 in FORTRAN 77 which exponentiation is performed first

62357. Which of the following is not an interrupt line in 8085?

62358. In 8085, F register has 8 bits.

62359. The general purpose register code for accumulator in 8085 is

62360. Which of the following is not an internal DOS command?

62361. In 8085, high level on INTR line can be recognised only if

62362. The word size accessible at a time from the memory subsystem depends on

62363. In windows the middle button of mouse is not used.

62364. Microprocessor 8088 has

62365. Assertion (A): In 8085, P flag is for parity checking.Reason (R): If the result of ALU has even parity, P flag is set and if the result has odd parity, P flag is reset.

62366. Which of the following is not a special purpose peripheral?

62367. Which of the following is a valid variable in FORTRAN 77?

62368. In Pascal an array declaration provides information to the Pascal processor to enable it to

62369. In which of the following instructions of 8085 are the contents of accumulator complemented?

62370. Assertion (A): Microprocessors 8086 and 8088 are very similar in organisation and have identical instruction sets.Reason (R): If clock speed is same the execution time of 8088 and 8086 are exactly equal.

62371. In which of the following logical group instructions of 8085 is the addressing mode 'immediate'?

62372. Which of the following is a valid real constant in FORTRAN 77?

62373. Mouse is a very suitable input device for computers.

62374. Which of the following instructions have only one operand?

62375. Which of the following is not a keyword in C?

62376. 'Rotate instruction' in microprocessor belongs to

62377. For a 16 bit computer the range of integer constants in C is

62378. In which group of 8085 instructions condition flags are not affected?

62379. In 8085, the instruction CMA is an example of

62380. Assertion (A): Static RAMS are used where speed of operation is of primary concern.Reason (R): Dynamic RAM has lower cost per bit than static RAM.

62381. In 8085 the time required to add two 32 bit numbers is (if clock frequency is 5 MHz)

62382. DMA stands for

62383. 8085 data bus has 8 lines and is bidirectional.

62384. It is difficult to write a program in a machine language.

62385. A string variable in Basic is

62386. RESET OUT signal when high indicates that

62387. If X = 2.5 and Y = 2.5, which of the following expressions would give the result as 5/7?

62388. Which of the following is not a classification of programmed data transfer?

62389. Consider the instructions
  1. MOV M, B
  2. OUT 4
  3. LDA X
Which of the above uses IO/W cycle?

62390. One can format a disc using window explorer.

62391. Which of the following identifiers is valid in Pascal?

62392. DMA stands for direct memory access.

62393. - 56 is not a valid real constant in Fortran.

62394. For the infix expression (A/B) (C F + (A - D) E) the corresponding Post fix notation is

62395. A PC has typically

62396. The point on the celestial sphere exactly above the observer’s station is known as:

62397. Consider the following ON GO TO statement in Basic 45 ON C GO TO 10, 20, 30 If the values of C are 1, 2, 3, 2.6 the control will be transferred to statement number

62398. Consider the following about 'return' statement in C On executing the return statement, it immediately transfers the control back to the calling program.There is no restriction on the number of 'return' statements present in a function.The 'return' statement must be present at the end of called function. Which of the above are correct?

62399. For an accurate clock period in 8085 it is preferable to use

62400. The memory hierarchy in microprocessor based system is

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