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62551. The function to Calculate the maximum value in the specified field of a database is

62552. For most static RAM the maximum access time is about

62553. In direct addressing mode of 8085

62554. The depth of flow at which specific energy is minimum is called:

62555. To realize the full power of 8086 the pin of 8086 connected to ground is

62556. Which of the following is not an assembler directive in 8085?

62557. Which of the following expressions is invalid in Fortran?

62558. Which of the following is correct in FORTRAN 77?

62559. P flag is for parity.

62560. In 8086 the number of lines on which data and address is multiplexed is

62561. Carbon tetrachloride fire extinguisher should not be used in closed rooms, because it produces a poisonous gas called?

62562. Which of the following has unique representation of 0?

62563. Consider the following

ON GO TO statement in Basic 35 ON A GO TO 15, 25, 35
If the value of A is 2.6, the control will transfer to

62564. Which DOS command improves memory usage?

62565. The chip 8254 is a 40 pin programmable interval timer. The number of its independent 16 bit counters is

62566. A PC can be upgraded to a multimedia PC by adding CD ROM drive, sound card etc.

62567. Which of the following can be accessed only sequentially?

62568. MICR stands for

62569. 8085 has 6 sign flags.

62570. JCOKE = 3
GO TO (5, 8, 9, 11, 15, 16 18, 20) JCOKE. After the execution of above statement, the control is transferred to statement number

62571. Binary number 1101.101 is equivalent to decimal number?

62572. Hydrograph is a plot of:

62573. For an area of 1000 sq.km,the number of rain gauge stations will be:

62574. Sugar cane is:

62575. The most efficient cross section of a channel is:

62576. The stabilizing force in gravity dam is:

62577. Microwave resonators are used in

62578. Assertion (A): TWT uses a focussing mechanism to prevent the electron beam from spreading.Reason (R): In a TWT the electron beam has to travel a much longer distance than in klystron.

62579. In a TWT the amplitude of resultant wave travelling down the helix

62580. Which of the following is not a travelling wave?

62581. Both Impatt and Trapatt devices use avalanche effect

62582. In a directional coupler

62583. As the frequency is increased, the charging MVAR in a cable

62584. Loss angle of a good quality cable is about

62585. In a three cavity klystron amplifier, the oscillations are excited in

62586. In the given figure reflection coefficient at load is

62587. Which of the following lines is non-radiating?

62588. Assertion (A): The impedance of a matched load is equal to characteristic impedance of line.Reason (R): A matched termination absorbs all the power incident on it.

62589. Skin effect is more pronounced at high frequencies.

62590. Assertion (A): The phenomenon of differential mobility is called transferred electron effect.Reason (R): GaAs exhibits transferred electron effect.

62591. Which of the following devices uses a helix?

62592. Which of the following parameters is negligible in transmission lines?

62593. The width of a radio beam from a 1 m diameter parabolic antenna at 10 GHz is about

62594. The diagram to show distance time history of electrons in klystron amplifier is called

62595. Impedance level of Impatt diodes is generally lower than that of Gunn diodes

62596. A quarter wave line open circuited at far end behaves as

62597. A line has Z0 = 300 ∠ 0° Ω. If ZL = 150 ∠ 0° Ω, reflection coefficient is

62598. Assertion (A): A backward wave oscillator has an internal positive feedback.Reason (R): A positive feedback is necessary for sustained oscillations.

62599. In a microstrip transmission the signal can be easily redirected by changing the centre strip.

62600. The frequency of oscillation in a backward wave oscillator can be changed by

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