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62601. A line has a phase constant of 29.8 rad/m. At 1000 MHz the wavelength is

62602. In the given figure the time taken by the wave to make one round trip is

62603. For a 50 Ω resistor for 3 GHz application, the stray capacitance should be less than

62604. In a travelling wave tube distributed interaction between an electron beam and a travelling wave takes place

62605. The fabrication of microstrip line is done by

62606. The condition of minimum distortion in a transmission line is

62607. The action of backward wave oscillator is similar to that of

62608. In the given figure the reflection coefficient at source end is

62609. Assertion (A): Artificial transmission lines are frequently used in laboratories.Reason (R): An artificial transmission line can be used to represent an actual line and can also be used as a delay circuit, as attenuator, as filter network etc.

62610. In a backward wave oscillator the wave travelling along the line winds itself back and forth

62611. A line is excited by a 100 V dc source. If reflection coefficients at both ends are 1 each then

62612. Assertion (A): A coaxial line is a non-radiating line.Reason (R): In a coaxial line the electric and magnetic fields are confined to the region between the concentric conductors.

62613. Reflex klystron oscillator is essentially a low power device

62614. A 10 km long line has a characteristic impedance of 400 ohms. If line length is 100 km, the characteristic impedance is

62615. A matched generator (Zg = Z0) with 1 Ω available. If all ports are matched, the power delivered at ports 1, 2, 3 respectively are

62616. Which TM mode in rectangular waveguide has lowest cutoff frequency?

62617. A resistive microwave load with ZL = 150 Ω is connected to 50 Ω coaxial line. SWR is

62618. Which of the following devices uses a slow wave structure?

62619. In a turnstile antenna two-half wave resonant wire radiators are placed at 90° to each other in the same plane and are excited

62620. A waveguide section in a microwave circuit acts as

62621. In a klystron amplifier dc electron velocity is v0 and dc electron charge density is r 0 the dc beam current is

62622. The directivity in a receiving antenna increases the intercept area in forward directionreduces the noise picked up from other sourcesprovides a means of discriminating against undesired signals originating in directions other than in which the desired transmitter lies. Which of the above statements are correct?

62623. Assertion (A): PIN diode can be used as attenuator and limiter.Reason (R): PIN diode has a thin intrinsic layer.

62624. The bunching action which occurs in multicavity klystron amplifier can be represented by Applegate diagram

62625. The cut off wavelength in circular waveguide

62626. In Reflex Klystron oscillator the focussing electrode is at a high potential

62627. Consider the following statements Impedance of Gunn diode is about tens of ohms.Impedance of Impatt diode is a few ohms.Impedance of Impatt diode are of the same order.Impedance of Impatt diode is more than that of Gunn diode. Which of the above statement are correct?

62628. In high frequency circuits impedance matching can be done by open circuited stubsshort circuited stubstransformer Which of the above correct?

62629. The directive gain of a transmitting antenna is proportional to

62630. In a loss line RL < Z0, then

62631. Assertion (A): A backward wave oscillator can be used as a sweep generator.Reason (R): The frequency of oscillation of a backward wave oscillator can be changed by varying the voltage which controls the beam velocity.

62632. If a line having Z0 = 300 ∠ 0 W is open circuited at far end, VSWR is

62633. If f is the frequency of electromagnetic wave, fc is cutoff frequency, then in a rectangular waveguide

62634. Assertion (A): The condition of minimum distortion in a transmission line is L = RC/G.Reason (R): Line loading means addition of inductance to satisfy the condition L = RC/G.

62635. A magnetron has a cylindrical cathode surrounded by an anode structure having cavities opening into interaction space by means of slots

62636. The correct sequence of parts in klystron amplifier are

62637. A transmission line has Z0 = 300 Ω and ZL = (300 - j300) ohm. The transmission coefficient is

62638. In a reflex klystron oscillator, repeller electrode is at

62639. A quarter wave line short circuited at load end behaves as

62640. A (75 - J50) ohm load is connected to a coaxial of Z0 = 75 ohm at 10 GHz. The best method of matching is to connect

62641. The width of a radio beam from a 1 m diameter parabolic antenna at 1 GHz is about

62642. Which one of the following is transferred locking electron device C antenna?

62643. A magnetron requires an external magnetic field with flux lines parallel to axis of cathode

62644. When a line short circuited at far end, the minimum voltage occurs at

62645. In a TWT the axial component of electric field advances along the tube

62646. If other parameter are constant, transmission loss at 5 GHz as compared to that at 0.5 GHz is

62647. For a circular wave guide

62648. In the given figure the reflected voltage wave after first reflection is

62649. Assertion (A): A half wavelength line can be used as a 1 : 1 transformer.Reason (R): The input impedance of a half wavelength line is equal to load impedance.

62650. The magnitudes of OC and SC input impedances of a transmission line an 100 Ω and 25 Ω. The characteristic impedance is

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