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62651. A loss less line is terminated in a circular lines are E lines

62652. Which of the following terminations makes the input impedance of a line equal to characteristic impedance Z0?

62653. In microwave system the function of mode filter is

62654. The total field developed by an antenna array at a distant point is

62655. High speed logic circuits use

62656. To couple a coaxial line to a parallel wire line it is best to use

62657. Assertion (A): A quarter wave transformer is used to match a resistive load to a transmission line.Reason (R): A quarter wave transformer is a transmission line of quarter wave length.

62658. Assertion (A): Magnetron is generally used in n mode.Reason (R): Frequency for p mode can be easily separated from adjacent modes.

62659. A balun should have

62660. Assertion (A): The velocity factor of a line is the ratio of wave velocity on the line to speed of light.Reason (R): If the conductors of a line are immersed in a non magnetic insulating liquid, the wave velocity increases.

62661. In mode filter of the given figure which of the following modes is unaffected

62662. The directive gain of a transmitting antenna is

62663. A duplexer is used to

62664. A branched duplexer requires

62665. In a backward wave oscillator the wave

62666. A coaxial line has L = 500 nH/m and C = 50 pF/m. The characteristic impedance is

62667. The main feature of a parametric amplifier is

62668. Assertion (A): PIN diode is commonly used for microwave control.Reason (R): A PIN diode uses heavily doped p and n materials.

62669. In a vacuum tube, the transit time of electron between cathode and anode is important at

62670. Assertion (A): A line of length and short circuited at far end has an input impedance of infinity.Reason (R): A line of length and short circuited at far end behaves as a parallel resonant circuit.

62671. A cavity resonator is

62672. If antenna diameter is increased four times, the maximum range is increased by a factor of

62673. Assertion (A): Gunn diode is a transferred electron device.Reason (R): A Gunn oscillator uses the phenomenon of transferred electron effect.

62674. Atomic and molecular resonance is observed in many substances

62675. The component in the given figure is

62676. The semiconductor diode which can be used in switching circuit in microwave range is

62677. In the given figure the reflected current wave after first reflection is

62678. A line has an attenuation of 0.054 Np/m. The attenuation in decibels is

62679. If a line is open circuited Zin = Z0 tanh (gl).

62680. A reflex klystron oscillator uses

62681. A coaxial RF cable has a characteristic impedance of 50 Ω and C equal to 40 pF/m. The inductance is

62682. To estimate the water quantity which one of the following is most important?

62683. In a multicavity klystron amplifier the signal to be amplified develops an ac voltage of signal frequency across the gap in buncher cavity

62684. If VSWR is infinite, the transmission line is terminated in

62685. In a circular waveguide TE21 mode has lowest cutoff frequency

62686. The number of TV channels which can be accommodated in a spectrum of 300 MHz is about

62687. The noise figure of multicavity klystron amplifier is very low

62688. Assertion (A): The velocity of electromagnetic waves on overhead lines and coaxial cables is the same.Reason (R): Free space has an intrinsic impedance of 377 ohms.

62689. In the given figure the E and H lines in a coaxial cable

62690. Roughly the time required for microwave cooking as compared to conventional cooking is

62691. If the minimum range of a radar is to be doubled, the peak power has to be increased by a factor of

62692. Which mode has the lowest cut off frequency in circular wave guides?

62693. Assertion (A): Klystron amplifiers use one or more intermediate cavities in addition to buncher and catcher cavity.Reason (R): When one or more intermediate cavities are used the bandwidth can be increased.

62694. A wave Em cos (bx - ωt) is a backward wave.

62695. A reflex klystron oscillator is a

62696. Consider the following applications TV tuningActive filterMicrowave frequency multiplication In which of above can a varactor diode be used?

62697. Consider the following statements Dissipative attenuator has a fixed value of attenuation.Reflective attenuator has a fixed value of attenuation.Both dissipative and reflective attenuators are available only with fixed attenuation.Both dissipative and reflective attenuators are available with either fixed or variable attenuation. Which of the above are correct?

62698. The quantity of water requirement for domestic purpose is:

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