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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1254

62701. Power gain of a multicavity klystron amplifier is

62702. If a short line is terminated in characteristic impedance it behaves as an infinite line.

62703. Ga As exhibits negative differential mobility

62704. Consider the following statements Bunching of electrons occurs in two cavity klystron amplifier.Bunching of electrons occurs in multi cavity klystron amplifier.Bunching of electrons occurs in reflex cavity klystron amplifier. Which of the above statements are correct?

62705. Assertion (A): For high frequency lines inductive reactance is very high as compared to ac resistance.Reason (R): Due to skin effect ac resistance of line is higher than dc resistance.

62706. Consider the following applications SwitchAttenuatorPhase shifterOscillator In which of the above can a PIN diode be used?

62707. Which one of the following is not a negative resistance device?

62708. Microwave links are typically 50 km apart

62709. For matching over a range of frequencies in a transmission line it is best to use

62710. Assertion (A): In the interaction region of magnetron an electron is subjected to three forces: force due to electric field, force due to magnetic field and centrifugal force.Reason (R): The mechanism of generation of microwaves, in a magnetron, involves interaction of electromagnetic fields with electrons moving in static electric and magnetic fields oriented at right angles to each other.

62711. Which of the following is wrong for a magic used to tee?

62712. The expression HZ = C cos(Bx) cos(Ay)yz is for

62713. Assertion (A): Impedance matching can be done by using stubs.Reason (R): A double stub is used for impedance matching when frequency of signal varies.

62714. Read the following statements about TWT It uses thermionic emission.It uses an attenuater.It is inherently a resonant device.It has broad bandwidth. Which of the above are correct?

62715. If a line having Z0 = 300 ∠ 0 W is short circuited at far end, VSWR is

62716. A klystron amplifier generally uses Pierce gun

62717. Assertion (A): PIN diode is used as a fast switch.Reason (R): PIN diode has very high resistance when reverse biased and very low resistance when forward biased.

62718. A pulsed radar produces 1 μ sec pulses at a rate of 1000 per second. The duty cycle is

62719. Assertion (A): Impedance measurement at microwave frequencies is done by finding SWR.Reason (R): SWR and reflection coefficient depend on the characteristic impedance and load impedance.

62720. When a line is loaded the characteristic impedance is equal to

62721. Which device has internal positive feedback?

62722. The domain mode in rectangular waveguide is

62723. The reverse voltage applied to a varactor diode

62724. To ensure that only dominant mode TE10 is allowed to propagate in an air filled rectangular waveguide, the lower frequency limit and upper frequency limit are

62725. The skin depth at 1000 MHz as compared to that at 500 MHz is

62726. The transit time (in cycles) for electrons in repeller space of reflex klystron oscillator for sustaining oscillations is (n is any integer)

62727. In a TWT the amplitude of resultant wave travelling down the helix remains constant

62728. In the given figure forward current wave has a magnitude of

62729. In an infinite line the input impedance at every point is equal to characteristic impedance.

62730. Consider the following time parameters Domain growth time constant.Transit time.Dielectric relaxation time in positive mobility regime. Which of the above are used in connection width transferred electron device?

62731. PIN diode has

62732. The two terms used to describe performance of a directional coupler are

62733. The number of PM radio channels which can be accommodated in a spectrum of 300 MHz is about

62734. Consider the following statements Gunn diode can be used in combinational logic circuits.Gunn diode can be used in sequential logic circuits.Both Gunn diode and GaAs Mesfet can be used in logic circuits. Which of the above statements are correct?

62735. In the given figure shows the equivalent circuit of a magic tee. If all ports are matched

62736. Assertion (A): Microstrip is very commonly used in microwave integrated circuits.Reason (R): Microstrip has an easy access to the top-surface so that active and passive discrete components can be easily mounted.

62737. A 75 ohm line is first short terminated and minima locations are noted. Then the short is replaced by resistive load and minima location are again noted. If minima location are not altered and VSWR is 3, the value of resistive load is

62738. The word 'LORAN' means

62739. In the given figure forward voltage wave has a magnitude

62740. The duty cycle of a radar transmitter is equal to

62741. In a klystron amplifier the bunching effect

62742. Out of modes TE20 and TE30 of propagation of electromagnetic engery

62743. A TE10 rectangular waveguide is to be designed for operation over 25-35 GHz and the band centre is 1.5 times the cutoff frequency. The dimension of broadside is

62744. In a klystron amplifier the force on all electrons

62745. If load impedance ZL >> Z0, then

62746. The inductance of a twin feeder used to connect antenna to TV receiver is about

62747. When resonant cavities are coupled together the result is

62748. The path length between ports 1 and 2 for the two waves in a hybrid ring is

62749. The radiation resistance of a circular loop of one turn is 0.01 ohm. For 5 turn loop the radiation resistance is

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