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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1261

63051. Evaluate the value of 2 [u (t - 1) - u (1 - 2t)] (u ( t + 1) + u (t)) at t = 3 sec.

63052. Assertion (A): In an R-L circuit having high inductance, the rise of current is very slow.Reason (R): The time constant of R-L circuit is L/R.

63053. The distance between the plates of a parallel plate capacitor is d. The dielectric is in two parts, each of equal thickness but dielectric constants ∈1 and ∈2 respectively. The total capacitance will be proportional to

63054. An air cored coil has an inductance of 0.3 H. If another coil has an iron core of μr = 500, the remaining quantities being the same, the inductance of the second coil will be

63055. A two branch tuned circuit has a coil of resistance R and inductance L in one branch and capacitance C in the second branch. If R is increased, the dynamic resistance

63056. A 1 μF capacitor is connected to 12 V battery. The energy stored in the capacitor is

63057. Tie bars in cement concrete pavements are at:

63058. In figure, the capacitor is charged to 1 V. At t = 0 the switch is closed so that i = e-t. When i = 0.37 A, the voltage across capacitor is

63059. In a series RLC circuit p.f is lagging when f < resonance frequency.

63060. The Voltage e0 in the figure,

63061. Assertion (A): is positive real.Reason (R): For a positive real function Re[H(jω)] ≥ 0 for 0 ≤ ω ≤ ∞.

63062. A constant k band pass filter has a pass band from 100 to 400 Hz. The resonant frequency of series and shunt arms is

63063. The circuit in figure is switched on at t = 0. At any time t, i(t) =

63064. Two similar coupled coils are connected in series. The total inductance in series aiding connection is 100 mH. If currents is 3 A, the energy stored in magnetic field is

63065. Thevenin's impedance of an ac network is in general

63066. If operator 'a' = 1 ∠120° then (1 - a) =

63067. A system is at rest for t < 0. It is given by If steady state is reached at t = 0, then the value of angle A is given by

63068. In the circuit of figure the current through C at t = ∞ is

63069. The average value of the waveform is

63070. An RLC series circuit has Q = 100 and ω0 = 20 rad/sec. The bandwidth is

63071. For making a capacitor, the dielectric should have

63072. In an unloaded transformer, the fluxes limiting the primary and secondary are 30 mWb and 20 mWb. The coefficient of coupling is

63073. Heat in calories = I2Rt/4.186.

63074. Poles and zeros of a driving point function of a network are simple and alternate on jω axis. The network consists of

63075. For the circuit in figure, fed by a unit step voltage, vc =

63076. For the network of figure, z11 =

63077. Which of the following test measures the hardness of road aggregates?

63078. The units for apparent power are watts.

63079. In a series RLC circuit the phase angle θ of impedance Z ∠θ is positive. The circuit will behave as

63080. If A = 3 + j1, A4 =

63081. In a two terminals network the O.C. voltage measured at the given terminals is 100 V and s.c., currents at the same terminals 5 A. If a load of 80 Ω resistance is connected at the terminals, load current is

63082. Figure shows a dc circuit fed by a current source. With respect to terminals AB, Thevenin's voltage and Thevenin's resistance are

63083. Colour code of carbon resistors has only two bands.

63084. A coil has resistance R and inductance L. At ω = ∞ the phase angle between voltage and current is

63085. In figure, the value of R should be

63086. An RLC series circuit has R = 7.07 Ω, L = .707 H and C = 7.07 μF. At Half power frequencies the circuit impedance is likely to be

63087. In a series R, L, C circuit the impedance triangle is the same when XL < XC and XL > XC .

63088. The zinc can of a dry cell serves as positive terminal.

63089. Two similar coils have self inductance of 1 mH each. Coefficient of coupling is 0.5. The mutual inductance M is

63090. In figure, the current iL at t = ∞ is

63091. When a lead acid cell is in fully charged condition the positive and negative plates are similar.

63092. Two capacitors of 1 μF and 2 μF capacitance are connected in parallel across a 30 V dc battery. After the capacitors have been charged, the charges across the two capacitors will be

63093. In figure, the battery has remained switched on for a long time. At t = 0 the switch is closed. The current i(t) is likely to be

63094. A thermistor is used for

63095. In a series RLC circuit excited by e = Em sin ωt is seen that LC < 1/ω2. Then

63096. When a lead acid battery is being charged, the specific gravity of the electrolyte

63097. Assertion (A): The response of a network to unit impulse can be obtained directly from the network function.Reason (R): The response of a network for any input can be obtained from impulse response.

63098. In the circuit shown in figure, for different values of R, the values of V and I are given. Other elements remaining the same. when R = ∞, V = 5 volt R = 0, I = 2.5 AR = 3 Ω, the value of V is given by

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