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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1282

64101. When analysing two port networks in parallel it is more convenient to use

64102. In ZRC (s) = 0 at s = ∞, the last element in first Cauer form is

64103. The function H (s) is positive real if

64104. In most electric irons, the thermister used for controlling temperature is

64105. In a series RLC high Q circuit the current peaks at a frequency.

64106. Assertion (A): A complicated waveform can be replaced by sum or difference of two or more waveforms.Reason (R): The method of superposition is applicable only to linear systems.

64107. The phase velocity v in a transmission line is

64108. A circuit is fed by two sources of different frequency and magnitudes 100 ∠0° V and 50 ∠30°V. The current in a particular branch is 10 ∠20° A. If the magnitudes of the sources are changed to 200 ∠0° V and 100 ∠0° V, the current in that branch should be

64109. In gases the flow of current is due to

64110. A two port network is said to be reciprocal if

64111. For the current wave i = 10 + 10 sin θ, the rms value is

64112. The original teachings of Mahavira are contained in which of the following texts?

64113. The impedance parameter z21 is

64114. Measurement of an unknown voltage with a dc potentiometer loses its advantage of open circuit measurement when

64115. A parallel resonant circuit can be used

64116. Which of the following theorems enables a number of voltage (or current) sources to be combined directly into a single voltage (or current) source?

64117. If Ia, Ib, Ic are line currents and Ia1 is the positive sequences component of Ia then

64118. If the numerator of Z(s) is one degree higher than denominator, Z(s) has a pole at infinity.

64119. An m derived low pass filter has fc = 1000 Hz, f∞ = 1250 Hz and m = 0.6. If m is increased, then

64120. In the two ports network shown in the figure, Z12 and Z21 are, respectively

64121. In figure, I = 2A, then V =

64122. The design of wave filter is based on characteristic impedance which is

64123. A system is said to be marginal stable if

64124. Assertion (A): In state space analysis, capacitors are taken to be in tree.Reason (R): State variable analysis is very suitable for computer solution.

64125. In the circuit shown in the given figure, V0 is given by

64126. The factor which will have least effect on the voltage at the load end of a two-wire supply circuit is

64127. If a two port network is represented by an equivalent T network, the impedance of shunt arm in terms of ABCD parameters is equal to

64128. The value of current read by ideal ammeter A in figure is __________ ampere.

64129. In ZRC (s) = constant at s = 0, the last element in first Foster cauer realization is

64130. For a full rectified sine wave, the form factor and peak factor respectively are

64131. For an RC admittance function Y,

64132. When ac current is zero, no electrons are in motion.

64133. The relation between the apparent power, actual power and reactive power is given by

64134. Quality factor will be

64135. In the circuit shown in the given figure, switch k is closed at t = 0. The circuit was initially relaxed then which one of the following sources of v(t) will produce maximum current at t = 0+?

64136. Pick the correct statement

64137. The inverse Fourier transform of is

64138. The colour on the extreme left in general purpose fixed resistors represents

64139. When a current flows through a conductor,

64140. In the analogy between electric and magnetic circuits permeability is analogous to

64141. Two port circuits are connected in parallel. To determine the response, it is more convenient to use

64142. The dual of a link is

64143. A network is said to be two port network if there is no independent source in the networkno dependent source in the networknon-linear component in the circuitno external connection exist between I/P and 0/P

64144. In a network

64145. For a series circuit of R and variable XL the admittance locus is

64146. A series RLC circuit is supplied from a variable frequency source. The resonant frequency is ω0. The voltage across L is maximum at a frequency

64147. Current in a 2H inductance in 10e-t A. Admittance of the inductor is

64148. A constant k low pass filter has fc = 1000 Hz. At f = 500 Hz, the phase shift is

64149. At resonance the network function magnitude will be

64150. Giga watt is equal to

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