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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1281

64051. Ideally an attenuator pad should not change

64052. If two networks are connected in series of individual Z parameter as Za and Zb then equivalent Z is

64053. The model of a system

64054. Q of a coil increases with Q increasing frequencyvaries linearly with frequencyincrease with increasing frequency because R increases at high frequencydecrease after the peak frequency because R increases at H.F. the correct statements are

64055. To neglect a current source the terminals across the source are

64056. At very low temperatures, semiconducting materials behave as insulators.

64057. The series element for a prototype high pass filter is

64058. The scale factor for half wave and full wave rectifier is __________ respectively.

64059. The time constant of a series RL circuit is

64060. The two conductors of a single phase transmission line suspended in air carry currents in opposite directions. The force per unit length on each conductor varies

64061. Plastics can be broadly classified as:

64062. The transfer function G12 (s) for a two port is

64063. If admittance of a circuit is defined as , then at resonance

64064. If impedance of a circuit is defined as then circuit is said to be in resonance if

64065. The ball bearings of electrical motor are lubricated by:

64066. Consider the following statements Current through inductor cannot change abruptly.Voltage across capacitor cannot change abruptly.Initial value of f(t) is sF (s).Final value of f(t) is sF (s). Of the above statements

64067. As B is increased from zero to about 2T, μr, of a ferromagnetic material

64068. In open circuit impedance parameters, the independent variables are

64069. Lead becomes a superconductor at

64070. An RLC series circuit is excited by a step voltage E. The initial current through L is i (0-). In the s domain circuit the element L will be replaced by

64071. In drawing phasor diagrams, RMS values are used.

64072. If two networks are connected in parallel then equivalent y parameter of both is

64073. RMS value is always higher than average value.

64074. When R and L are connected in parallel, R > |Z|.

64075. In low pass filter of figure R0 = 1 Ω and cut off frequency is 1 rad/sec. The values of L and C are

64076. A second order system will have

64077. In figure, the power dissipated in 4 resistance is P1 and power associated with 3 A source is P2. Then

64078. L/C has the dimension of

64079. In metals, the flow of current is due to

64080. The shot circuit admittance matrix of a two port network is

64081. The network shown in figure is

64082. h parameters are used in transistor analysis.

64083. At a temperature of 7 K, lead is a superconductor.

64084. The filament of an electric bulb is made of?

64085. A choke coil of resistance R and inductance L is shunted by capacitor C. The dynamic resistance is

64086. In an LC immittance H (s)

64087. The response shown in figure is

64088. The polar plot of P (jω) = 45° as ω varies from -∞ to ∞ is

64089. Assertion (A): A graph is planar if it has a dual.Reason (R): The dual of a graph can be found by window dot method.

64090. As x is increased from - ∞ to ∞, the function

64091. Which of the following expressions is true for apparent power in an A.C. circuit?

64092. In the voltage equation v = 500 sin (1000t) V, the rms value of voltage is

64093. Stabiliser used for 0 TR A/C is:

64094. A parallel ac circuit in resonance will

64095. Which pair is correctly matched?

64096. Mesh analysis is applicable __________ only.

64097. In the circuit shown the voltage Vs has a phase angle of __________ with respect to VL.

64098. The ideal voltmeter V of figure will read __________ volt.

64099. The circuit of figure is generally employed as a

64100. A nickel cadmium cell is an alkaline cell.

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