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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1280

64001. Two coils are so wound that 60% of the flux of one links the other. The coefficient of coupling is

64002. In the graph of figure, the total number of trees is

64003. In a sine wave, maximum rate of change of voltage occurs at

64004. The treatment of joints in masonry construction is called:

64005. Hysteresis loss is proportional to

64006. When a lead acid battery is fully charged the colours of its positive and negative plates are

64007. Two independence parameters Z11 and Z12 of the two-port network in the figure are

64008. Network transients are due to

64009. The Laplace transform of i(t) is given by As t → ∞ the value of i(t), tends to

64010. In a loss-free R-L-C circuit the transient current is

64011. If F(s) = , then f(t) =

64012. In the network of figure it is desired that maximum power be supplied to Z2. The values of Z1 and Z2 are fixed. However the transformation ratio 'a' of transformer can be changed. The value of 'a' for maximum power transfer is

64013. The magnitude response of a normalised Butterworth low pass filter is

64014. In steady state condition inductor behave as

64015. Assertion (A): Charge is dual of flux.Reason (R): Short circuit is dual of open circuit.

64016. For ideal performance, a filter should be terminated in characteristic impedance.

64017. The under surface of a stair is called:

64018. The time constant of a series R-C circuit is given by

64019. The function is an

64020. If L [f(t)] = F(s), Lf(t - T)

64021. Paper capacitors are used in power supplies for filtering.

64022. The transfer function of a system is given by H(s) = 1/s2 (s - 2). The impulse response of the system is

64023. In any two port network, input impedance is independent of load impedance.

64024. Dielectric materials have high specific resistance.

64025. The resistance of a standard conductor.

64026. In a driving point function, the degrees of numerator and denominator polynomials in s may differ by either zero or one only.

64027. The sum of two sine waves of different frequencies is a sine wave.

64028. When iron rod is magnetised by the flowing through its coil, the polarities of its different points will be

64029. Steady state conditions are considered to be achieved in R-L circuits at the end of __________ time constant.

64030. Two impedances are connected in series. Three voltmeters are connected, one across each impedance and one across combination. The readings of all the three are equal. The phase angle between voltages across the two impedances is

64031. In a series resonant circuit Q is more than 10. Then the lower half power frequency ω1, and resonant frequency ω0 are related as

64032. In a series R-L circuit when excited by a 1 volt battery the current is 1 - e-t. If it is excited by a source 2 sin t, the current will be

64033. If R, L, C are in parallel, the currents through L and C are equal in magnitude at resonance.

64034. In all pure metals, temperature coefficient of resistance is positive.

64035. Consider the following expression for the driving point impedance It represent on LC circuitIt represent on RLC circuitIt has poles lying on the jω axisIt has a pole at infinite frequency and a zero at zero frequency. Which one fo the statement given above are correct?

64036. Two port network is said to be symmetrical if

64037. For a series resonant circuit at low frequency impedance is __________ and at high frequency circuit impedance is __________ .

64038. If Y(s) = 1 + s, the network has

64039. In a Hurwitz polynomial

64040. The polarities of the magnetised iron rod of are

64041. Nichrome is commonly used for

64042. Thevenin's equivalent circuit

64043. A series RC circuit has fixed R and C and variable f. The current locus will lie in the first quadrant.

64044. The operation of providing new permanent foundations is called:

64045. The dynamic impedance of an R-L and C parallel circuit at resonance is __________ ohm.

64046. The hot resistance of a tungsten lame is about 12 times its cold resistance. Accordingly, the cold resistance of a 60 Ω, 120 V lamp is about __________ ohm.

64047. The response of a function is decided by

64048. An RL impedance function is to be synthesised in second Foster form. The proper function to be expanded is

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