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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1293

64651. Assertion (A): The output voltage of an inverter can be controlled by PWM techniqueReason (R): In a current source inverter the input current is constant.

64652. A TRIAC is equivalent to

64653. Which of the following commutation methods is the overall circuit under damped?

64654. In a half bridge inverter, the freewheeling diodes are needed

64655. When a thyristor is conducting, the voltage drop across it

64656. The advantage of modified series inverter with two inductors and two capacitors is

64657. An SUS is

64658. Which chopper circuit operates in quadrants 1 and 4?

64659. In a 3 phase bridge inverter, the gating signals for the three phases have a phase difference of

64660. Assertion (A): The circuit of figure thyristor will conduct for 180° during positive half cycle if it is continuously fired. Reason (R): A thyristor can conduct only when it is forward biased.

64661. The total number of leads in SCR, DIAC and TRIAC respectively are

64662. A single phase semiconverter is feeding a highly inductive load and has a freewheeling diode across the load. The waveshape of input current is

64663. In the below figure, the load is highly inductive. The firing angle is a for each of the thyristors. The periods of conduction of Th1 and Th2 respectively are

64664. A crowbar circuit is generally needed for protection under fault conditions.

64665. Forward rating of an SCR is

64666. The number of leads in a DIAC are

64667. Provide meaningful words to fill the blanks: He is too ......... to be deceived easily.?

64668. The method of triggering SCS is

64669. The number of thyristors in a single phase fully controlled bridge rectifier is

64670. In a bridge inverter

64671. An ideal rectifier should have

64672. When thyristors are connected in parallel, the current distribution may become non-uniform due to

64673. A single phase fully controlled bridge converter is fed by a voltage Vm sin ωt. The average and rms values of output voltage are

64674. In a single phase half wave ac regulator feeding a resistive load, the rms load current

64675. What is the colour of carotin?

64676. In a bridge inverter with single pulse width modulation

64677. In a modified series inverter with two inductors and two capacitors, the load current

64678. The number of layers in a Shockley diode are

64679. In a modified series inverter

64680. Assertion (A): Light triggering is very suitable for HVDC transmission.Reason (R): Light triggering has the advantage of complete electrical isolation of gate circuit.

64681. Class A and class B chopper

64682. To turn off an SCR, it is necessary to reduce its current to less than :

64683. When a single phase dual converter is operating in circulating current mode

64684. The load circuit of a single phase full bridge inverter

64685. When an SCR is reverse biased

64686. A dc series motor is coupled to a load whose torque is proportional to speed. It is fed by a single phase ac supply through a full converter. When speed is 500 rpm, firing angle is 45°. It is desired to raise the speed. It will be necessary to

64687. In Jone chopper, the commutating element

64688. A LASCR has

64689. A fully controlled bridge converter is feeding an RLE load. The load current is I0. The input voltage is Vm sin ωt. The KVL equation to find firing angle a is

64690. A single phase cycloconverter with centre tapped input transformer requires

64691. The East India Company established its first factory at?

64692. In a 3 phase bridge inverter with 120° mode of operation the. number of thyristors conducting at one time are

64693. Beer is made in a:?

64694. Assertion (A): A class C chopper can operate in first and second quadrants Reason (R): A class B chopper operates only in second quadrant.

64695. A single phase dual converter consists of

64696. The snubber circuit consists of

64697. The effect of source inductance in a 3 phase fully controlled bridge converter is to

64698. In disc mounting of SCR

64699. As compared to a p-n junction diode

64700. From which instant is the turn off time of a thyristor defined

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