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64601. The stud in a stud mounted SCR acts as

64602. In a single phase full wave regulator feeding R-L load, short gate pulse are not suitable.

64603. Half bridge and full bridge inverters of one type use different commutation methods.

64604. In rectifier circuits, the rms value of ac component of output voltage is equal to

64605. A UJT exhibits negative resistance characteristics when

64606. A dc chopper feeds an RLE load and has a duty cycle of 1. The load current will be such that

64607. In rectifier circuits, ripple factor RF and form factor FF are related as

64608. If we connect two silicon unilateral switches in anti- parallel we get

64609. Assertion (A): SUS is a PUT and avalanche diode connected between gate and cathodeReason (R): SBS has two SUS inbuilt together and connected in anti-parallel

64610. In a single phase full wave controlled rectifier using centre tap transformer, the voltage across each half of secondary is Vm sin ωt. The peak inverse voltage is

64611. Which statement is correct?

64612. In a three phase series inverter, the firing frequency is

64613. A 3 phase fully controlled converter is a

64614. In a half bridge inverter the gate pulses of the two thyristors have a phase displacement of

64615. A fully controlled bridge converter can operate in quadrants

64616. A class E chopper

64617. A cycloconverter uses

64618. Assertion (A): A fully controlled bridge converter can operate in first and fourth quadrant.Reason (R): A semi converter is cheaper than a full converter.

64619. The commutation method in an inverter, is

64620. Inverters find applications in

64621. When a thyristor is conducting, the voltage drop across it is about

64622. The use of free wheeling diode in controlled rectifier improves the waveshape of load current.

64623. As the firing of a thyristor is delayed, the output voltage of a controlled rectifier decreases.

64624. Assertion (A): A GTO can be turned on and turned off by gate pulses Reason (R): A GTO can be turned off by negative gate pulse.

64625. In a half bridge inverter circuit fed by a battery of voltage V, the rms value of fundamental component of output voltage is

64626. In a full bridge single phase inverter feeding RLC load

64627. It is possible to use a freewheeling diode in

64628. Assertion (A): When the anode current of an SCR starts increasing during turn on process, the anode cathode voltage drop starts decreasing. Reason (R): During turn on the reverse biased junction in SCR breaksdown.

64629. In a certain inverter circuit each thyristor carries 26.67 A for 60°, 13.33 A for 120° and zero A for 180° of the cycle. The rms current of thyristor is

64630. The factor η for a UJT is about

64631. The storage capacity of a oxygen cylinder is:

64632. In a single phase full converter fed by a source having inductance, the number of thyristors conducting during overlap is

64633. The cut in voltages for germanium and silicon diodes respectively as

64634. An SCR is triggered at 80° in the positive half cycle, only. The rms anode current is 25 A. If the firing angle is changed to 160°, the rms current is likely to be

64635. The output wave of a cycloconverter consists of a number of segments derived from the input wave.

64636. A class A chopper has an input voltage of 200 V. Ton = 1.5 ms and Toff = 4.5 ms. The duty cycle, average output voltage and ripple factor respectively are

64637. In a parallel inverter the turn off time tq of thyristor and values of commutating elements L and C are related as

64638. A TRIAC can be turned on :

64639. Which of the following devices has two gates?

64640. In auxiliary commutated chopper, the peak value of thyristor current is

64641. What is the range of flame temperature of oxygen-hydrogen gases?

64642. The ‘Contra rebels’ belong to?

64643. The static equalisation circuit for thyristors connected in series is

64644. A cycloconverter is a group of controlled rectifiers.

64645. A single phase full wave regulator feeds a resistive load. The firing angle of thyristors is 90°. The input power factor is

64646. The leads in a TRIAC are denoted by

64647. A step down cycloconverter has an input frequency f. If it uses natural commutation, the output frequency

64648. In a single phase full wave regulator, the rms current in each thyristors is Ir The run load current is equal to

64649. Lead mounting for SCR is used for

64650. A load commutated chopper circuit has

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