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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1294

64701. In a single phase cycloconverter with centre tapped transformer

64702. The radical wing of the Congress Party, with Jawaharlal Nehru as one of its main leaders, founded the ‘Independence for India League’ in opposition to?

64703. Thyristors can be used for control of

64704. Assertion (A): Thyristors can be used in controlled heating, excitation systems of alternators, speed control of motors and HVDCReason (R): A static var system using thyristors is very commonly used in high voltage ac systems.

64705. In a dual converter operated in circulating current mode, the circulating current flows

64706. For a single phase half wave converter feeding a resistive load, the firing angle a . The waveshape in below figure is for

64707. A class B chopper operates in third quadrant.

64708. In a full bridge circuit supplying an RLC under damped circuit

64709. In a semi converter feeding a resistive load

64710. In an n stage high frequency series inverter having a time period T, each stage is active for a time interval of

64711. In a 3 phase semiconverter, the output voltage becomes discontinuous for

64712. A single phase fully controlled bridge converter is feeding an RLE load. Input voltage is Vm sin ωt and firing angle is a . If average current is I0, then

64713. In integral cycle control of ac regulator, the input power factor is equal to

64714. McMurrary full bridge inverter uses

64715. A fully controlled bridge converter feeds a highly inductive load such that the load current can be assumed to be constant. The wave shape of input current is

64716. A static excitation system uses

64717. The application of gate signal decreases the break over voltage of on SCR.

64718. The power factor at the input terminals of a cyclo- converter is generally

64719. Ripple factor RF and form factor FF are related as

64720. Modified Mc Murray full bridge inverter uses

64721. Assertion (A): Gate triggering is the most commonly used method for triggering of an SCR.Reason (R): Even a small gate current is sufficient to turn on an SCR.

64722. A cycloconverter can be

64723. In the below figure the average load current is 15 A. The rms value of transformer secondary current is

64724. In a 3 phase fully controlled converter the firing frequency is

64725. Two thyristor of same rating and same specifications

64726. The amount of dielectric heating is inversely proportional to frequency.

64727. Which type of flux is used for soldering G.I.Sheets?

64728. The cooling capacity of 0 TR is:

64729. The atmospheric pressure at sea level is taken as:

64730. The freezing temperature of water is:

64731. The mechanical fault in refrigerator system is:

64732. In a broadcast superheterodyne receiver

64733. A duplexer is a device used to

64734. A heterodyne frequency changer is called a

64735. RF amplifiers are used in radio receivers for

64736. The sensitivity curve of a standard receiver is represented by

64737. Which are the popular IF frequencies for microwave and radar receivers operating on frequencies in the range 1 to 10 GHz

64738. In a ratio detector

64739. Neutralization is used in RF amplifiers to

64740. When fs is the signal frequency and fi is the intermediate frequency, then image frequency fsi is given by

64741. It is known that noise phase modulates the FM wave. As the noise side band frequency approaches the carrier frequency, the noise amplitude

64742. In a receiver, which of the following device has IF input but RF output?

64743. Transistor are free from which type of noise?

64744. Standard AM radio broadcasts are confined to

64745. Boiling point of R 600a is:

64746. The condenser coil type which used in deep freezer commonly:

64747. A transmitter serial current contains

64748. In a broadcast superheterodynes receiver having no RF amplifier, the loaded Q of the antenna coupling circuit is 100. If the intermediate frequency is 455 kHz. The image frequency at 25 MHz will be

64749. Internal energy of a substance is proportional to:

64750. The noise produced by a resistor is proportional to

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