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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1462

73101. Which of the following screw thread is adopted for power transmission in either direction?

73102. In the assembly of pulley, key and shaft

73103. According to I.B.R., the thickness of the boiler shell should not be less than

73104. In a steam engine, the piston rod is usually connected to the crosshead by means of a

73105. Lewis equation is applied

73106. A tap bolt has

73107. According to I.B.R., when the thickness of the boiler shell (t) is less than 8 mm, then the diameter of the rivet hole (d) is obtained by

73108. A sliding bearing in which although lubricant is present, the working surfaces __________ contact each other at least part of the time, is called boundary lubricated bearing.

73109. The fatigue stress concentration factor is defined as

73110. A compound cylinder with inner radius 50 mm and outer radius 70 mm is made by shrinking one cylinder on to the other cylinder, The junction radius is 60 mm and the junction pressure is 1.1 N/mm2. The maximum hoop stress developed in the inner cylinder is

73111. A connecting rod subjected to an axial load may buckle in the plane of motion of the connecting rod.

73112. In a turnbuckle, if one of the rods has left hand threads, then the other rod will have

73113. When the shaft rotates in anticlockwise direction at high speed in a bearing, it will

73114. According to Lame's equation, the thickness of a cylinder is equal to (where d = Inner diameter of cylinder, p = Internal pressure, and μ = Poisson's ratio. )

73115. If T is the actual number of teeth on a helical gear and φ is the helix angle for the teeth, then formative number of teeth is written as

73116. The material generally used for air-craft components is

73117. The speed of the sprocket reduces as the chain pitch __________ for a given number of teeth.

73118. In an oil lubricated journal bearing, the coefficient of friction between the journal and the bearing

73119. The working of metals above the recrystallisation temperature is known as hot working.

73120. Deficiency of Vitamin E causes?

73121. The ratio of number of teeth to the pitch circle diameter in millimetres is called circular pitch.

73122. The washer is generally specified by its

73123. The taper on key is given on

73124. The bending moment M and a torque T is applied on a solid circular shaft. If the maximum bending stress equals to maximum shear stress developed, then M is equal to

73125. For longitudinal joint in boilers, the type of joint used is

73126. A cotter joint is used to transmit

73127. When was the capital of Birtish India changed from Calcutta to Delhi?

73128. The dynamic tooth load is due to

73129. Which of the following statement is correct regarding power screws?

73130. A hollow shaft will transmit a __________ torque than a solid shaft of the same mass and same material.

73131. A flange coupling is used to connect two shafts

73132. The algebraic difference between the maximum limit and the basic size is called

73133. When an open coiled helical compression spring is subjected to an axial compressive load, the stress induced in the wire is

73134. The contact ratio for gears is

73135. A feather key is generally

73136. If the tearing efficiency of a riveted joint is 50%, then the ratio of diameter of rivet to the pitch is

73137. The ratio of circumferential stress to longitudinal stress in a thin cylinder subjected to an internal pressure is

73138. A riveted joint is a __________ fastening.

73139. The springs mostly used in machinery have spring index less than 3.

73140. According to I.B.R., the distance between the rows of rivets, for equal number of rivets in more than one row for lap joint or butt joint (chain riveting) shall not be less than

73141. The interference may only be avoided if the addendum circles of the two mating gears cut the common tangent to the base circles between the points of tangency.

73142. The spigot and socket joint is mostly used for pipes which are burried in the earth.

73143. The permissible stress in the fillet weld is 100 N/mm2. The fillet weld has equal leg lengths of 15 mm each. The allowable shearing load on the weldment per cm length of the weld is

73144. In the levers of third type, the mechanical advantage is __________ one.

73145. The edges of the boiler plates are bevelled to an angle of

73146. Lewis form factor for composite and full depth involute system is (where T = Number of teeth)

73147. The stretching in a belt can be controlled by __________ the stress in the belt.

73148. The distribution of the forces along the length of key fitted in a shaft

73149. The stress which vary from a minimum value to a maximum value of the same nature (i.e. tensile or compressive) is called

73150. When the material of key and shaft is same, and the width of key is one-fourth of the diameter of shaft (d), then length of key will be

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